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In this thirty fifth episode of Ballers; Spencer (Dwayne “The Rock”  Johnson) rides solo in a great portion of this episode, he pays a visit to the parent distribution company (Direct TV) of Sports X.  Joe (Rob Corddry) had a wild and drunken night!  Too hungover to take care of business today? Yep, seems that way.  Meanwhile back at the ranch, Ricky (John Davis Washington)  and Kisan (Kristopher Lofton) have a “friendly competition” in the gym. Kisan calls Ricky “old” & it infuriates him, therefore a battle of intense strength & wills ensues. Ricky looses the final round sadly, when Kisan one ups him in the high jump.  Maybe next time old man, you’re just out of practice that’s all.  Dust yourself off and try again. 

One a side note; I always find it humorous when Spencer’s identity is mistaken for someone else like, Vin Diesel or Jason Taylor… these receptionist in Ballers are great! But I digress. Spencer is focused & in his meeting with Sports X’s parent distributor.  He is looking to “Level up” so to speak. He soon discovers that his channel had no ratings at all!  Gasp! Well that’s not good. However,  a very determined  Spencer is willing to press forward & to make this investment worth while.  Spencer grabs my attention with, “How can you help me help myself?” Hmm…let’s see.  How about if we get College football on this station? Norte Dame? Buckeyes? Wolverines? Sooners?  Great idea now make it happen!  

Up next on Spencer’s agenda; he is invited to dinner by his new girlfriend “Jayda”  who is the mother of a highly sought after high school football player. I must say this kid “Q” has a chip on his shoulder and he is a rather a ball buster & gives Spencer a very hard time.   Maybe he’s seen too much in his short seventeen years on earth? His mother is the DEA and she is gorgeous to boot. I can imagine lots of men vying for her attention. But Spencer being the charismatic guy he is handles “Q’s” temperament very well.  By dessert he has charmed  “Q”  and they are now “buddies.” “Q” has also been charmed into being apart of this new adventure with Sports X. Okay, now I’m getting nervous. Bad idea Spencer!!! 

So now we turn to page eight, Lance calls for a meeting with Joe by a beautiful bluff,  He has upped the price with a new offer, a whopping seventy five cent on the dollar…Joe, why didn’t you have Lance vetted before you made this investment? What a mess.  Joe says he’ll think it over and have a chat with his “Big Potato” of a boyfriend (Spencer). The highlight of the show for me was Joes pep talk to the remaining employees of Sports X.  Obviously hungover but his point gets through, “ we eat glass for breakfast & Shit out diamonds! Doink!”  Best persuasive speech I’ve ever heard! I’d work for you any day Joe! 

Newly hired General Manager of the Rams, Charles Greene, (Omar Benson Miller)“learns that it ain’t easy being Greene.”  It appears to me that he is still having trouble adjusting to the shallowness of Los Angeles.  He is faced with tough descions on this new job & seeks council  from his beloved wife Julie Greene (Jazmyn Simon-Hill), “it’s LA-LA land it’s all about the glitter” yes, she’s right! It’s all about showmanship in Los Angeles. So get yourself a tailored made suit and razzle n dazzle Charles Greene! Second best moment in this episode; Charles & Julie proceed with their FaceTime sex session… in his office I might add! Awesomeness!! Gotta stay connected by any means necessary right?  

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