Lodge 49 (S01E06) “The Mysteries”

Larry imparts the wisdom of the Lodge to his pal Ernie before going on a journey. Dud stumbles on to something special at his security job at Orbis and Liz has a breakthrough, literally.

The Poetry of the Lodge

I can’t say enough good things about this AMC series. From the ensemble cast, (which in my humble opinion could stand toe to toe with M*A*S*H and Cheers any day) to the exceptional writing of Jim Gavin and his team it doesn’t get any better than this.

Being a writer, I am constantly blown away by the level of profundity of some of the dialogue. It blindsides you and you feel like you have been hit with bricks of truth. But that is the beauty of this show.

Magic does occur in every day life. You just have to look for it. Sometimes it may be a surprise situation like what Dud ran into at Orbis or it can be that heartwarming moment when a friend tells you how special you are.

Lodge 49 is a retreat of sorts. Yes, these characters have their difficulties. In the case of Connie and Ernie’s relationship, as much as they love one another maybe it isn’t in the stars. I can’t say that I blame Ernie for looking toward the future.

Then again, I can understand Connie’s reasoning of living in the moment. Just being with one another and not knowing what road you may stumble down unexpectedly.

This particular show was about letting go. Oftentimes as we amble our way through our lives, we exert a lot of time and energy holding on to things that no longer serve their purpose. Going back to Ernie and Connie, it is time for them to separate.

Let It Go

For as much as Liz tells Dud he needs to move on, she can’t seem to muster up the courage to do the same. Both are holding on to beliefs that are restricting them from growing as people. Dud still wants to think that maybe his Dad will appear someday.

Liz on the other hand, she is hoarding her cynicism. When Dud tells her that being afraid of the light doesn’t make sense, it hits you in the stomach.

It’s obvious his sister has been going through rough times but she doesn’t seem to want to pull out of the situation that she is in. Instead, she has chosen to give up. Liz no longer sees the magic in every day life.

Ernie is also having a hard time letting go of two people in his life. One he does say goodbye to but the other he can’t seem to let out of his grasp. Larry has been his friend for a long time. Now, though, he is exhibiting questionable behavior and it seems like the onslaught of dementia or is it a calculated effort?

After his naked debut last week in front of the entire lodge, people are concerned about Larry’s state of well-being. Scott in particular has a vested interest because if Larry is incompetent and has to enter an assisted living facility then his appointment of Ernie as SP may be overlooked because the head lodge in London will be informed.

Beneath the Surface

Speaking of London, an emissary has been dispatched to Long Beach. It is anybody’s guess when he will arrive because he is having various transportation issues. He might be late but now we have an imposter, the bus driver from when they found the mum… I mean the reliquum corpus.

His name is Avery but what his game is yet, isn’t clear. Could he be seeking something that was triggered by the finding of a body in the lodge? We will have to see what his intentions are.

Larry is a man that is full of intent at this point. In his heart, he knows that he must prepare for a journey and that it will be monumental. When he tells Ernie about his old friend, El Confidente, that is when the secrets are imparted.

The knowledge that Larry possesses is the secret to alchemy as discovered by Lynx founder, Harwood Fritz Merrill. Ernie thinks that Merrill’s stories are nothing but legends, tall tales to make the lodge seem glamorous to new Squires.

When Larry explains about the scrolls and how he possessed them for 12 years before El Confidente absconded with them, seems plausible. His mother after all and her lover Wallace stole them from Fritz Merrell’s grave in London.

The entire time while Larry and Ernie are having their confab about secrets and Lodge lore, Dud is busy running from some thieves that he came across while making his rounds at Orbis. They give chase and he abandons his golf cart and takes off on foot.

We Are Made of Stars

Then the action swings back to Ernie and Larry. Larry tells the story of how Fritz Merrell was bitten by a viper in such a way that the parallel to Dud is fairly obvious. Ernie doesn’t want to believe that Dud could be an omen or a sign but Larry is convinced he is the future.

In avoiding the thugs, Dud finds himself in an enclosed space with a ladder into another room. Intrigued, he enters the room into a pool of water. There he is greeted by stars rising up from the floor. Did he take speed from Champ his security partner to stay awake or is this actually a phenomenon meant for Dud?

While Ernie is still trying to wrap his mind around things, Larry is preparing to leave. In a touching moment, when the two friends get ready to part, Larry asks Ernie to let him go to Mexico. Larry also tells his friend that he is special.

Liz will also receive an epiphany and a wake-up call to let things go. When she and Alice (Dud’s surf buddy who runs the donut shop) are horsing around in her living room, things go awry and one of the best physical comedy routines ensues involving Liz breaking a mirror with her arm and then turning around and faceplanting onto her glass coffee table.

This lands her a trip to the ER. Once she is patched up, she isn’t allowed to leave because she needs a psych eval. That sobers Liz up. You can see on her face while she is waiting for the physician she realizes she has got to change the path she is on.

To Love in Return

With that decision made, she dials her phone and calls the corporate guy to inquire about getting into the executive program at Shamroxx headquarters.

While all of these happy circumstances are occurring, a rather somber event takes place. After jumping Ernie’s car for him, Larry dies peacefully behind the wheel of his truck. At that moment, Dud pulls up in his Thing and the duo exchange looks.

The Verdict

It was really sad to see Kenneth Welsh exit the show. Larry was that quirky character that was so out there but you couldn’t help but fall in love with him. His presence will be missed.

But exit a larger than life figure and enter another one. It has been hinted for several episodes now that Captain will be arriving soon.

Says one of Ernie’s sources who helped locate the elusive business titan when describing him, “He is the shadow of a dream that never was.” So, you know when this character shows up it won’t be in a conventional way.

There was so much mysticism in tonight’s show. Could the lodge really be a haven for some higher purpose? Could Dud be a part of it? How will it tie together?

For those viewers out there, who say that Lodge 49 ambles along without a point and the storyline isn’t leading anywhere, I say the series is a lot like life, messy and not clear cut all the time. Every now and then we might get an epiphany but for the most part, day to day living is about the little things and noticing the magic in them.

As for me, I like surprises and Lodge 49 certainly makes my Mondays less predictable and that is just fine by me.

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