BelowDeckMed (S03E17) Reunion

This is whate’ve been waiting for.  The BelowDeckMed Reunion.  Time for truths to come out, and realizations to be made.  Where you ready for tonight’s BelowDeckMed?

The reunion kicks off with Andy asking Kasey why she lied about her resume.  Let’s be honest here:  we’ve all polished our resume.  But most of us actually look it over before turning it in right?

Since then, Kasey’s actually become a decent stew and learned fast on the job.

Andy asked Brooke how their relationship was now, and of course Jdouche was brought up immediately.

I’m telling you, the best thing about the season being over is never having to look at his smug face again.

Brooke says they haven’t spoken since the show wrapped, which, given the way things unfolded with Jdouche, surprises no one.

The hot seat quickly turned on Hannah when Andy asked her if she thinks she’s the reason she has so many problems with stews this season and in the past, and almost before Hannah can get a answer out, Sandy’s on her about making her admit her mistakes.

We get it, Sandy, you don’t like Hannah.  Let the girl speak.

By the way, she  wasn’t the only issue this season.  You just didn’t see them.

Sandy does come under fire for playing favorites, but she shrugs it off, saying she doesn’t care about people’s mouths or how they act below deck, as long as it doesn’t affect their work.

Pardon me, but didn’t Hannah’s and Joao’s hatred for each other cause like 80% of the problems?

I don’t get Captain Sandy.  She comes down on Hannah and Conrad for the smallest of things, but let Jdouche’s behavior go unchecked.  Got it.

Finally it’s Jdouche and Brookes’ turn in the hot seat.

They reveal that they broke up after Brooke watched the season and realized what a complete ass he was for continuing his flirtation with Kasey after they’d “committed to each other.”

Mmm, ok.  Too bad it took her so long to realize that.  I think most of us figured him out the first episode.

Jdouche goes on to say he didn’t realize the game he was playing until he watched the show, that he knew Brooke was the girl he wanted to be with.

Insert Jim Carrey’s “Oh Come on” gif here.

We see this every season of BelowDeckMed.  There’s always at least a pretty stew that the guys are fighting over, and this time there where three.

Hannah was turned off by Jdouche right away, and he seemed to take Kasey’s abstinence as a challenge.

Which is another red flag.  When a girl tells a guy she’s not interested in sex, then goes to the next available woman, what does that say about you Brooke?

You were his consolation prize, never the prize.  Sorry, the truth hurts.

Brooke does say that after watching the way he acting, she was turned off finally.

Well, it took long enough.  Maybe you should apologize to your crew that you called liars and manipulators all season?

Just saying.

Conrad and Hannah’s relationship comes under fire as Andy dissects what happened over the season.

Hannah admitted that it definitely affected her work as a Chief Stew, and Sandy seemed to like that, since she’s big on accountability.

Hannah discussed her anxiety attack, and said that she didn’t come on the charter season in the best head space anyway.

That, with the added pressure of the cameras and a new relationship, added to her anxiety.

What did you all think of this season of BelowDeckMed?  What was your biggest omg moments?  Let me know in the comments.