Bodyguard (S01E04) “Episode 4”

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A noticeable bruise is left behind after the attempted suicide

It all became too much

In the wake of the bombing, the UK is left in shock and awe. With the Home Secretary fighting for her life and David Budd (Richard Madden) struggling to cope with the events. In a trip to the hospital, David finds out… Julia Montague (Keeley Hawes) has succumbed to her injuries. Unable to accept the situation and filled with regret and blame, he decides to end it all. David puts the gun to his head and pulls the trigger only to be left alive…

A new Home Secretary

Mike Travis (Vincent Franklin), has now been promoted to Home Secretary following Julia’s death. In a meeting with the heads of security, he decides to bench Stephen (Stuart Bowman) and MI5 and let Anne (Gina McKee) and SO15 run point. A decision Stephen didn’t particularly like. With regards to the investigation, the lead suspect is Tahir Mahmood. Seeing this on the screen, Rob MacDonald (Paul Ready) is left shocked. Which leaves us to question the lead suspect.

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PPO Budd and Det Sar Rayburn have developed somewhat of a connection in working together

An investigation with more questions than answers

Detective Sergeant Louise Rayburn (Nina Toussaint-White) and Detective Chief Inspector Deepak Sharma (Ash Tandon) are running the investigation. After following Mahmood they find that David searched him and have him called in. They also find Rob handed him the briefcase and want to have him brought in, but Anne tells them to wait. Def Sharma doesn’t trust David but Det Rayburn seems to be intrigued. During all of this, get more information out of Nadia (attempted suicide bomber on the train), they use David to question her and turns out to be a great help. But she doesn’t give up the person who gave her husband the bomb.

The threat has been internal all along

We soon realise that Rob and current Home Secretary Mike Travis was responsible for the bombing. But why… Mike calls Rob in to inform him that he’s been summoned to SO15 to questioning, more of a courtesy call. Mike helps Rob with a story and gets him a solicitor, but Mike also understands that Anne won’t do anything drastic now that she’s running point again. I guess it won’t be a  stretch to include Julia’s ex Roger (Nicholas Gleaves) in the involvement.

There’s an unknown player involved

In the failed suicide attempt, David realises that someone has tampered with his gun. Someone who knew how he would react to the death of Julia, also his gun was moved from behind the panel to the roof. When he went to the hotel to find out more about Longcross who visited the Home Sec, all footage has been erased of that 15-minute window. Someone is involved behind the scenes, making moves, but who. We know that Longcross is working with Stephen at MI5, but I doubt they replaced David’s bullets with blanks. Who is this unknown third party…


  • Why did Mike want Julia dead? Did was it all for her job?
  • Rob was visibly stressed in the interview, nervous and unsure. But will Anne allow the detectives to pursue him as a suspect?
  • Is there a chance that Julia Montague is alive and is the one who ‘saved’ David? As she knows about his PTSD and could have done this to see who all is involved.
  • How far will David go to prove his innocence and prove who all is involved in the bombing and other threats?

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