Chicken Girls (S03E02) “If/Then”

Last week, our webisode ended with the shocker Rhyme’s BFF, Birdie and her brother, T.K (who is also Rhyme’s boyfriend ) parents are divorcing.  Although, Birdie will stay with her mom, T.K. is contemplating staying with his dad.  He’s moving to Texas!

In an attempt to help T.K. make up his mind, Rhyme sends an email from her mom’s computer, proclaiming “Rhyme won’t be in school, today” She’s sick. Yes she is. It was a “sick move”  meaning it was so bad and bold  it was good. But how did she get the password?  

Never the less, it’s another episode of  Change, Choices and the Consequences; not always immediately seen, thereafter.  High School simply makes it  better…or worst.

We have the aforementioned, Rhyme cutting classes to “hang with her homey”   Then  Birdie, being frustrated with her parents, takes up with the misunderstood quasi rocker and leather jacket wearing bad boy. (Didnt get cutie’s name)They go to a concert,  missing the final dinner with the fam. “Awritey Then” 

The awkwards Quinn,( Riley Lewis) Hamilton (Jeremiah Perkins) and a sammich come together, impromptu. That’s definitely an “if” coming to pass. And  an even  bigger “if” should Rooney (Indiana Massara) and her lab partner, Stephanie ( Marlhy Murlhy) continue to hang out having fun, without her boyfriend, Hamilton; who’s sharing sammichs with Quinn; her step sister. Good stuff! 

But the biggest change,  choice and inevitable consequence of discord, disrespect and  everything “diss” is  Ellie, (Brooke Elizabeth Butler) She is persuaded, by the strong arm tactics of all that brings peer adoration,  the promises of  jealousy, envy , power and mad respect.  She’s “attacked” by The B’s!

The Queen B, Beatrice, along with the“The Swarm” are down 1, “B”  Bianca, They’ve been seeking a replacement. Ellie will do.  She accepted,  apparently after  Beatrice,  giving all the perks, threatened to make her 4 years of High School  hell,…if she declines.   Methinks that’s coming, anyway. 

Never the less, she accepts and her name is now Brooke, (her real name BTW) She walks in ankle high black boots and whatever The Swarm is wearing. She is officially no longer a Chicken Girl. 

We’ll find out Rhyme’s reaction to this news next week. She cut classes to spend the day with her bae; Ice cream, long walks and holding hands. It was worth it. The next day, the moving  truck is gone from the yard and  T.K. was on his way to Texas with his dad. 

Another good one. At a little over 13 minutes, you can check it out on your way to school! Chicken Girls airs new episodes on YouTube on The Brat Channel, Tuesday’s 3pt/6et