Salvation (S02E12) “Hail Mary”


A noble sacrifice

In the aftermath of the railgun explosion, Darius (Santiago Cabrera) has one last idea. To use the salvation rocket as a battering ram to knock Sampson off course and all the Solar sail to pull it just enough to miss Earth. To work on this problem full time he resigns as President of The United States of America. But, many problems arise. The slugs of the Railgun seem to be altered and won’t collide with Sampson. To fix this, Darius decides to eliminate the problem of distance. To have someone pilot the Salvation rocket and save all mankind. Of course, Darius accepts the responsibility of saving the human race.

A deadly partnership

The only way to produce the EM drives needed for the Salvation rocket, Darius makes a deal with Nicola (John Noble). The rare meteorite material for his freedom. Once out, Nicola plays on Darius’ feelings over Grace (Jennifer Finnigan) and Zoe (Rachel Drance) and arranges a meet. At this meeting, Nicola was to give Darius plans for a bunker for Grace and Zoe to stay in. But he lied… Nicola took Darius hostage and took him to an undisclosed location. Only for this location was where Bass (Luke Arnold) and COPE resides. As it turns out Bass’ father was one of the founding members of Q17.

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An unexpected escape…

“I am Noah, and you have my ark”

Jillian (Jacqueline Byers) manages to find a way to escape the new COPE location and succeeds. But, on her way out she sees Nicola bringing in a seemingly drugged Darius. So she decides to break back in. She overhears the conversation between Darius, Nicola and Bass. Bass’ plan is to create a new world, to be the Noah of our world and the flood is Sampson.  But he needs the Salvation rocket and Darius has it.


  • With Darius deciding to spend his last days on Earth with Grace, but Grace is planning to marry Harris. What will she do when he shows up to marry her?
  • Liam received a call from Jillian, but she doesn’t where she is and neither does he. So how will they rescue Darius in time to save the world?
  • In an unexpected turn of events, what will Darius do?

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