Suits (S08E09) “Motion to Delay”

Life happens when you are too busy… fighting everything and everyone

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As we near the mid-season finale, even though most of the one-ep plots arising in 8A got resolved, it was quite clear which questions the finishing instalments of this half season will explore: who will become the next name partner? And, what developments will shape the personal lives of some of the characters – from Louis and Sheila’s journey towards fatherhood to Katrina struggle between friendship and more. Thus, much of that was present and further explored in “Motion to Delay” (…darvey, the show being cancelled, etc).

A “yes” man

In 8×09 we cut right to the end of the quarter, in the world of ZSL, also known as, the time Louis promised Katrina to receive her promotion. And he comes through indeed, not only making sure she is finally awarded for her efforts and dedication to the firm, but also surprising her with a new office (this friendship is so pure).

This upgrade in her title prompts Katrina to be able to have her own associate, and she ends up choosing Brian (of course), making a point to say that she doesn’t want him to be her “Yes man”. Meaning, based on their previous encounters, she doesn’t want him to stop stating his opinions and calling her out on her sh*t, even though their power dynamic is clearly shifting forward. With that, so are Katrina’s growing feelings for Brian, not only through the fact that they start to work together on her first case as officially senior partner, but all the other moments that come with working so close together – from opening up to each other to the dinner in celebration of her senior partnership.

However, her request for Brian to not hold back when it comes to stating his opinions soon proves itself to be challenging, when Katrina’s personal relationship with their client starts to cloud her judgement and how far she should push. On the one hand, it was very much welcome to see more of her personal side by choosing a friend in need as her first officially picked case, but on the other, it was clear that this was going to make it hard for her to be professional and objective. Moreover, the case in itself was regarding copy rights laws, which as Brian said – are ambiguous and hard to argue for anyways.

All that resulted in: Katrina being backed against the wall, and even though it was clear to her that the company her friend was suing indeed committed a crime (copying fashion sketches for an upcoming line), the law was not that simple. But it being her first case as senior partner; Katrina was willing to risk it and bluff her way through, ignorant to all the warnings she received. That was until she asked Harvey, who, being the philosopher he is, told her that “life is long” (i am laughing) and she will get so many other chances through her career to do big things, especially if her first case doesn’t end up with her being exposed for bluffing. And to get to the point, in the end, the more concrete proof they needed in order to push the other fashion brand into settling was acquired by Brian – because “he has her back”.

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Despite this supposedly happy legal-plot ending, there is the underlying exploration of Katrina’s feelings for him, that went a lot less… well. Objectively, it is clear that while Brian is deeply naive to her motives, Katrina has gotten herself into a big mess. One I don’t necessarily approve of or enjoy for many reasons beyond the fact that it goes deeply into the infidelity plot, the show likes to explore and explore end explo….

The first thing being that Katrina has just acquired a more important part of the show, since Amanda Schull was promoted into a serious regular. And thus, while on the one hand, the most obvious thing the show could to do further explore and insert her character into the storylines was to give her a love plot… it is exactly the obviousness of the choice that bothers me. Katrina has always been portrayed as a very much NOT one sided character – going from loyal and wholehearted, to making questionable decisions to further her ambitions. That complexity, and the back and forth, was the reason why she remained a memorable character way before her importance on the show increased. Additionally, while a love storyline could totally act as a way to add more to her character and make us see a different side of her, this situation is just all around so questionable that it makes it hard to invest yourself in in any capacity. Especially when even her new promotion was suddenly overshadowed by what feels like a need to give a “younger” female character a love storyline, that more than making her more “human” and “flawed” makes her stuck in a labyrinth with no optimal way out.

Living on hate alone

On the other end of partnerships, the name partners of ZSL were forced to stand on the same side in this episode, as an enemy of the past returned. Recently, they have broken up one of the major famous firms that we always heard being talked about on the show – Rand Calder Zane, but it wasn’t long ago, that Harvey and Louis also took down half of the another famous Suits world partnership – Braton Gould. And it was Braton that was now back, in want of revenge.

Throwing it back to when Gallo helping Mike on a case resulted in his death, it was Braton, whose wrong doings they were trying to prove along the way. In the end, the “good guys” winning resulted in Tommy having to step down from his position and retire early. But clearly, not exerting his power wasn’t working for him, because he was back in this episode with a law suits, simply orchestrated to bring them down and have his revenge for what they had done to him. To summarize, he claimed that Gallo’s testimony that resulted in them winning the case and dragging him down, was false – due to a promise of paying his daughter a certain amount of money. And indeed, the transaction was one made to her, but not for lying, but rather her father trying to redeem himself and speak the truth.

And it was only because of Donna’s ability to understand people’s behavior, that they were able to reach Galllo’s daughter and have the COO try and talk her out of testifying against her father. However, as a young girl who only remembers him by his lies and the bad behavior which landed him in prison in the first place, she just couldn’t detach herself from that image of her father and despite Donna’s impressive (manipulation) skills (I love a detective), she walked away empty handed.

IT was Louis, who in the meantime, figured out that the only reason Tommy was willing to risk going to prison by re-opening this case and taking his revenge, was because he had cancer and only a year and a half left to live. By the time he won – he would have had his last few drops of joy by defeating them, or would have died and thus not been able to serve whatever time he’d be given. Depressing. So of course, Harvey filled a motion to delay, and informed Braton that he was going to file a few more afterwards, that is, until he would be dead anyways (not gonna lie, that was nasty and i loved it). Besides the fact that Tommy was determined to continue moving forward with the case because he thinks he has “2 years left to live on hate alone”, it was also his ex-partner, that sided with him and caused them additional trouble. I Love how all none-ZSL white males on this show are just simply garbage.

And speaking of such, Gould, of Braton Gould, after having experienced his own share of extortion from the firm, was willing to use any and all knowledge he had, in order to get them to publicly admit to having paid a witness to falsely testify. However, before any of that could get too serious for the firm’s reputation, Braton suffered a stress induced heart attack – ending the chaos for Zane Specter Litt (Paulsen), and forcing some of them to take a step back and focus on the more important things in life.

While Louis had a heart felt conversation with Katrina, Robert dwelled upon the fact that a man he once hadn’t hated was gone. With that, came the human fear of life fleeting away, and his desire to go home and spend time with his loved one. And as he told Harvey all that, all he could say was “Good night”, because what else could he really say? He thinks “life is long” and there quite literally is no one waiting for him at home. Good talk.

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Wheeler VS Williams

On the other hand, some conflicts simply can’t be resolved anymore.. Samantha and Alex. This half season has brought us the introduction of Samantha’s character, and with that, soon the conflict between the two aspiring name partners. It thus comes as no surprise, that after all their ups and downs, this episode brought the conflict to a point of no-return, resulting in “whose name will be up on the wall first?” being the main question for the upcoming midseason finale.

In short, it was Samantha that advised an insurance company she handles, to sue Alex’s new airlines client – knowing he was always doing shady things in order to gain profit (and where is the lie). But of course, fueling conflict between two companies that are both represented by the same firm is never a good idea, especially not when the said firm is currently divided because of the lawyers on the two sides.

However, instead of either dropping their client, which is what the idea initially was, Alex and Samantha were told to set up a negotiations meeting, where the matter would be settled, instead sending a message of unity. But…when the house is divided, you may as well consider that impossible. And thus, after a disastrous attempt at negotiations, Samantha and Alex were as determined as ever to sink the other down.

And honestly, it has always been clear that when it came down to it, neither of them would give up nor let the other win without a fight. Thus, the decision Robert and Harvey made to let them go to war and let the result determine who deserves to win, despite being irrational, feels like the only long term way out.

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At last, Donna made one final attempt to urge Samantha to give in, and on the first come first serve basis let Alex win this time, and put it in writing that she’d be the next in line (honestly don’t know anymore where they are going to put all these names). At the perfect timing, the discussion led to the topic of sexism and the patriarchal system, drawing upon the fact that at this stage Alex was clearly favored for position. For whatever reason that was, one can’t ignore the fact that ever since episode one, where Harvey automatically thought “Sam” was a male, this was going to come up. The audience doesn’t just see two people fighting for the honor, there are all the added layers to it, that were eventually going to lead to this topic. So the writers seemingly took care of that, by having the two discuss the issue, and had Donna point out that at least from her side, it was a matter of circumstance and how Alex has proved himself within the firm, rather than having been a part of a mainly male dominated arena for too long. However, despite the odds clearly not being in her favor, Samantha decided to fight this through. Not to prove a male wrong or to act in revenge, but simply because she knows her worth, and because she believes she deserves it more. Team Samantha 2018.


So let the name change games being… again.


Random thoughts:

  • Katrina being called “some associate” and being able to correct the person by saying “I am not an associate, I am a senior partner” the content we deserve
  • Donna in her black coat, in  her black car, in the night, also known as all my aesthetics together at the same time
  • Robert and Harvey joking around with accents together, I love.
  • Robert: “I just want to go see Laura” Harvey: “Good night” if only there was someone special around for him…..
  • Speaking of special someones, Louis telling Katrina that “life is going to put that special someone right in front of you” makes me Darvey trash. The usual.
  • Amanda Schull’s acting >>
  • Three words: Samantha and Donna


Suits returns for the mid- season finale this Wednesday at 9/8c on USA Network.