BoJack Horseman (S05E01) “The Light Bulb Scene”

In the Season 5 premiere, we’re thrown back into the absurd, depressing life of BoJack and his friends, and it’s clear from the outset that they’re no less lost than usual. What follows is a brilliantly funny episode that sets up a promising season.

To recap from last season, BoJack is starring in a new show called Philbert, which Princess Carolyn somewhat impulsively signed him on to. We pick up during production, where BoJack is ironically struggling to come to terms with his new role – he dislikes the character of Philbert, lamenting about how he’s basically a rough-around-the-edges, alcoholic, lonely, as*hole; with the immediate irony being that BoJack is basically describing himself. As oblivious as BoJack ostensibly is about his own nature, his frequent assertions to the show-runner that he is trying to punish him are indicative of BoJack’s deep-seated insecurities.

Meanwhile, we find out that Mr. Peanutbutter and Diane are finalising their divorce (shocking but not surprising), that Princess Carolyn is trying to adopt, and that Todd is still searching for purpose and drive.

Without getting into too much detail, it’s obvious that this season will seriously explore addiction, in its usual self-deprecating and self-referential way. BoJack is no less committed to solving his problems than ever, with token attempts at curbing his alcoholism such as limiting his vodka intake. However, the moment he feels content in life he’s quick to return to binging and partying. It’s a dimension of his character that we’ve seen before, but it’s definitely taking the spotlight this season. I’m excited.

You can catch BoJack Horseman on Netlifx right now – the entire season is out and I’ll be recapping an episode daily,┬ábefore reviewing the season as a whole. Enjoy!