BoJack Horseman (S05E02) “The Dog Days Are Over”

Diane takes center-stage in a bleak but ultimately hopeful episode that fills us in on her life and relationship developments.

At the end of the last episode, we witnessed a somewhat shocking scene between Diane and Mr. Peanutbutter – we knew they had relationship issues, but the episode showed them finalizing their divorce papers.

The Dog Days Are Over takes us back a few steps and tracks the final days of Diane’s marriage, with Mr. Peanutbutter helping her move into a new apartment, and the ex-couple attempting to maintain a friendship despite all. Without spoiling too much, a certain event prompts Diane to travel to Vietnam, her country of ancestral origin, in the hopes that she can ‘find herself’; but she also needs to write an article for Girl Croosh. What follows is a clever narrative style that frames the episode under ’10 Reasons to go to Vietnam’, which tells Diane’s story while essentially allowing her to write her article.

What starts as a whimsical set of suggestions about why Vietnam is a great tourist destination for someone like Diane, soon becomes a bleak realisation for her – she becomes aware of how she simply can’t escape Hollywoo (yes, Hollywoo, for newcomers), and that no matter how far away she goes her problems will follow her. This continues down a bleak path before delivering a satisfying conclusion that ties in directly with the end of Episode 1 (see the recap here): Diane finds her strength and decides that the best thing to do is to move forward.

So in usual fashion, the episode starts off with generous lightheartedness before dealing with its difficult subject matter and character drama.

Besides that, the episode doesn’t dive into any other character and is rather BoJack-lite – although the man (horseman?) himself features in a few humorous scenes; including one where he and Diane get smashed and pass out in his living room.