Shooter (S03E13) – “Red Light”

A Heartfelt Goodbye

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The main cast of Shooter

After 3 seasons across 3 years, Shooter has come to an end. Throughout this journey, we’ve seen soo much growth from our characters. Isaac, played by Omar Epps, became more than a dirty agent, became more than a backstabber, in the end, he became again a friend to Bob Lee and a loyal asset to the team. Nadine, played by Cynthia Addai-Robinson, realised more needed to be done without a badge. Nadine learned that not everything is black and white and knew how important doing the right thing is. But she knew everything comes at a price, she made the journey from an FBI Special Agent to one of the most powerful people in the United States of America. Julie, played by Shantel VanStanten, became more than just a housewife, but I guess that’s what happens when your life is in constant danger. Julie became a stronger woman, capable of easily taking care of herself and her daughter. She learned how to stand up to those around her and even Bob Lee when needed. Julie has made the journey from a housewife to a protector, a woman who can take care of herself. And Bob Lee, played by Ryan Phillippe, has always been the man we knew. The man who would run to bomb and not away. Bob Lee would risk his life for those in danger. But, throughout the 3 seasons, he learned that family ultimately comes first and how the life he chose would always find its way back home.

Throughout the 3 seasons of Shooter, we’ve seen many guest stars feature. From Patricia Gregson (Beverly D’Angelo), Sam Vincent (David Andrews), Red Bama Snr (Gerald McRaney), Hugh Meachum (Tom Sizemore), Solotov (Josh Stewart) to Harris Downey (Jesse Bradford) – each became an important figure and proving another character with guidance and teachings.

Now the review of the final episode – Red Light (S03E13)

The termination of all things ATLAS

After realizing the bombing was a diversion, Bob Lee goes after John to prevent the murder of Justice Gibson. Bob Lee made his way to Arlington where all the Chief Justices were held. We soon realized that John wasn’t only going to kill Justice Gibson, but also every other Justice there. In the nick of time, as always, Bob Lee finds John and after a hand to hand combat scene and also preventing John from pressing the trigger to set the suicide vest off. Bob Lee gets the upper hand and kicks him into the bunker and shuts the door to prevent the blast from reaching anyone else. Preventing ATLAS from achieving their goal.

The new life

Following the eradication of all things ATLAS, Issac and Nadine decide to fill that void and use it for good. POTUS came through and Harris is now the Deputy Chief of Staff to POTUS. And Bob Lee goes home and puts Sam and Earl to rest, the way it should be. But, things go slightly awry. Bob Lee sees Bama Snr and has a word with him, but all Bama says is that he’s leaving and doesn’t want to be waiting for that bullet from Bob Lee. Julie sees this as something more and when Bob Lee gets home he finds everything in boxes. He accepts this and allows her to finish packing as he goes to say goodbye to their daughter.

A broken Bob Lee

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A mission he was never prepared for

We say Bama not honour his word and get a hitman to take out Bob Lee and everyone in the house. While talking to his daughter, Bob Lee gets a call from the Sheriff saying a helicopter landed nearby to his house. Bob Lee immediately makes his way to their ranch. Julie was going through an emotional goodbye when seeing Bob Lee’s things. But gets a rude awakening, when bullets starting to tear apart their home. She takes their assault rifle out of the safe and starts shooting back. Bob Lee picks them off one by one by sniper. Julie takes two gunmen out but gets shot through-n-through in the shoulder. After taking everyone else out, Bob Lee makes his way into the house and finds Julie in the bath bleeding. He gets her up and tries to prevent the bleeding with towels. During this, we see Bama Snr on a ridge somewhere with his crosshairs aimed at a headshot for Bob Lee. But, when Bob Lee unexpectedly bends down… the bullet goes right through Julie’s throat… The instant her body hits the floor, Bob Lee’s life shatters.

A promise is a promise

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A Goodbye that was never supposed to happen

Three months after Julie’s funeral, Bob Lee is still off the grid. We see Bama in a cottage in Canada completely off the grid, in hiding from Bob Lee, but you can’t stop Bob Lee. Bob Lee, camouflaged in the snowy mountains miles away, positioned behind the famous King of Spades, puts Bama Snr down. A single shot, centimetres below the eye. The episode and series ends with Bob Lee walking off with a montage of memories with Julie flashing through his memory. Something he was never prepared for.


All in all, the ending was fitting, kind-of. ATLAS is no more and Nadine and Isaac continue to unwrite ATLAS’ wrongs. But Bob Lee walks away a lot worse than he began. Shooter was an enjoyable series, plenty of action, growth among character and constant suspense. Season 2 and 3, did the series justice. Season 3 capped it off perfectly. It was a great 3 years, I hope we see Bob Lee Swagger again soon.

Thank you all for reading the reviews of Shooter. Even though it has come to an end, there are many more onTV Series Hub. Who knows, you might find the perfect series to fill your evenings with. Thanks