BALLERS (S04E06) “No Small Talk”

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In this episode of Ballers, Spencer (Dwayne Johnson) is accompanied by his obnoxious step-son “Q,” Quincy Crawford (Eli Goree), to USC. Spencer is hoping to use “Q” as leverage to gain the football rights for Sports X.  Hey Spencer, you should’ve checked out USC’s asking price for the rights, a cool $200 million… says his nemesis Rodney Peete.  Sheesh, is that all?

Anyway, They arrive at USC for a very grand and warm welcoming. However, “Q” isn’t feeling this  college one hundred percent.  “Q” is obnoxious, yes, but he does value a good education. So he is not totally sold on the idea of spending 3 years at USC. He quickly finds out on his short campus tour that some of his potential teammates are, how do we say this? Lackadaisical when it comes to hitting the books.  As the day progresses on he runs into a sweet-spicy & intelligent film student named Emma,  who is NOT impressed by him. I am totally digging this connection, she softens him, they are adorable together.  Then suddenly, Quincy Crawford has a total change of heart about attending USC.  He now wants to attend this college. Gee, I wonder what made him change his mind?

Meanwhile, back at a Sports  X, Joe is trying to figure out his next chess move. Fat Reggie (London Brown), bogarts into the office  with a “wheres my money?” Attitude. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect than this.  Joe (Rob Corddry) has a vision to take sports X to another level that will appeal to the demographic of “shitting in their pants to studying for midterms.”  Joe, has the best lines, I swear. So, Fat Reggie tags along with Joe for a fun filled day of soliciting, “unsigned hype” if you will. I feel as though Fat Reggie will be a great asset in this business venture. Fat Reggie has an innate business sense, he is very savvy and progressive. If you’ve been keeping up with this series at all you’ll know that Fat Reggie is all about “securing the bag.” Ca-Ching!

Ricky Jerrett (John David Washington) is determined to get back in the game by any means necessary.  Even if that means randomly running routes near the home of Rams General Manager Charles Greene (Omar Benson Miller).  It’s cute and creepy perfectly blended into one of Ricky’s vegan protein shakes.  Honestly, I think Ricky’s head is in the right place. He seems ready to get back into the game.

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