Salvation (S02E13) – “Get Ready”


In what was somewhat of a sneaky finale, I was confused the entire time. Season 2 brought something different compared to that in Season 1. The 2nd season created a number of enemies, whilst an incoming asteroid. Friends became enemies and enemies became friends, we had friends and enemies pass on and some return from the dead. Hearts were broken, love was lost and love found. The change-up from that of season 1 was enjoyed, I’m just concerned whether or not season 3 will occur.

Now for Episode 13: Get Ready…

It’s too late… 

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The Hail Mary was intercepted and taken to the house.

Nicola (John Noble), Bass (Luke Arnold), Q17 and ‘the chosen ones’ raided Tanz Industries, to board the Ark to safety. Whilst this occurring, the US Government raided the COPE facility to rescue Darius (Santiago Carbera). During the rescue, Darius goes into a seizure and passes out. He wakes up, shocked and confused, argues with Grace (Jennifer Finnigan) to be released to prevent them from taking the Ark. But Grace’s response shocks him, Darius’ been out for 44 days and the asteroid is going to hit in 3 days. They’re 3 days away from the end of the world.


It’s all about hummingbirds

Still suffering from the effects from the Sonic Blast, Darius has an epiphany. The White House stone-walls Darius but gives him 12 hours to bring forth something concrete, yet Darius is held up on solving x and hummingbirds – is Darius okay? After raiding a pet store for hummingbird food, a hummingbird appears and Darius’ idea is coming to fruition. He contacts ICE TEA in Antartica regarding massive amounts of energy being given off, building to the idea that the asteroid will not collide with Earth. As all this is occurring, Liam (Charlie Rowe) and Alycia (Melia Kreiling) contact Nero to convince him to stop the governments plan to use the global nuclear coalition to blow up the asteroid. As they wait for a response, Darius takes a nap… Not like the fate of the world is at stake.

Don’t give up hope

Darius sends Grace to tell Jillian (Jacqueline Byers) that the Rail Gun explosion wasn’t her fault. Harris decides to set Jillian free and gets into an argument with Grace before his son appears. His son, Nero – head of ReSyst, apologizes and explains everything. Harris gives his son his place in the bunker. So Dylan and Zoe go to the bunker, whilst Harris goes to the Pentagon and Grace to Darius. Back to Tanz, Liam breaks down in front of Alycia but gets pulled from his breakdown by seeing Jillian. ICE TEA calls back to let Darius know about two massive neutrino bursts occurred in our solar system.  Which further proved Darius’ theory, It’s a hummingbird.

What have I done…

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Who’s with me?

Liam and Alycia let Darius know that Nero isn’t going to stop the nukes. Darius, Grace, Liam and Jillian go to the Pentagon to stop Harris from launching the nukes. They bust through the gates and get escorted to Harris where Darius tells him to abort, with a minute left on the clock. Harris wants an explanation and all Darius says is, “It isn’t an asteroid” and Harris aborts. “What have I done”, Harris pleads and Darius says to come and see. We see Darius, Liam, Harris, Grace and Jillian goes outside and witness the asteroid come closer and closer until it hovers in Earth’s atmosphere – like a hummingbird.


What I liked about this episode, there was constant suspense and confusion. I thought that this was all an elaborate dream and that Darius would wake up and save the world. I was wrong, and I was gladly surprised. Since all is technically cleared: Q17 and COPE is sitting in space, the end of the world is no more, what now? As much as I want them to return, what will happen then? Also, I wish Liam got over Jillian and coupled with Alycia who stayed with him through it all. But yeah. It was a great season, enjoyed the twists and turns. It was a proper ending to the season, maybe even the series.

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