Bodyguard (S01E05) – “Episode 5”


The truth is soon to come out

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It wasn’t in the briefcase, but still because of Tahir

After analysis, the bomb wasn’t in the briefcase. But, activated by a pressure sensor, on which Tahir Mahmood stood on. The identity of Longcross is coming closer and closer to fruition. After trying to find out the meaning of the information on the tablet, it all leads to John Vosler at 10 Downing Street. Soon after, Longcross and 2 agents showed up to see who was there. David (Richard Madden) tried to search for the vehicle’s tags but was blocked. The photo of Longcross, who is believed to be behind the prevented suicide bombing, was showed to a meeting of the top executives. Where Stephen (Stuart Bowman), Head of MI5, refused to give access to his files. We also see Longcross (Michael Schaeffer) planning to do something bold with regards to David’s wife, Vicky. Longcross also paid Vicky a visit, where he mentioned some particular information regarding David and Julia Montague (Keeley Hawes).

A somewhat dysfunctional-non-trusting team

richard madden bodyguard 5 t 1 300x180 - Bodyguard (S01E05) - "Episode 5"
A relationship which seems to be real

David and Sargeant Rayburn (Nina Toussaint-White) have developed a good working relationship, it seems that she actually cares about him. The same can’t be said about how Detective Chief Inspector Sharma (Ash Tandon) feels about David. Rayburn and her team find out the identity of the sniper, Apstead, now they’re looking for his known accomplices. Also, they find that footage of before Julia’s speech is missing. With this, she begins to believe David. David and Rayburn also get Nadia to admit to having the bomb given to her husband by Longcross. The increased pressure on MI5 and Longcross could be their reason for them planning to go after David and his family… All because of a tablet. Yet a new angle has been included, Julia’s former PR adviser – Chanel Dyson. Because she seems to be involved with Luke Aitkens, an organised crime boss. Another suspicious angle, and still they’re nowhere near the truth.


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The worry surrounding David and the tablet has increased exponentially
Bodyguard 1 300x169 - Bodyguard (S01E05) - "Episode 5"
Is the suspension because she actually cares, or are there forces acting in the shadows…

Chief Whip Penhaligon (Nicholas Gleaves) is ambushed by David at a meeting with the public. Penhaligon is left stunned by David’s allegations and his knowledge of the tablet. Something Penhaligon wasn’t prepared for. He wasn’t the only one. Next on his list was Rob MacDonald (Paul Ready). MacDonald is ‘convinced’ to go to SO15 and reveal the truth, but he leaves some information out, we assume. The talk Rob had with Mike (Vincent Franklin) in episode 4, causes us to speculate that they were responsible for the bombing. But Rob admitted that they (Mike, Roger and himself) just wanted to humiliate him. But is this the truth… After some speculations regarding David and Julia came to light and the would on the side of his head, it raised some red flags. From this, he was suspended indefinitely. As if this is going to stop him. The episode ends with David going into Julia’s apartment and finding the tablet… What everyone is after… What everyone needs… But after finding this, won’t this put Vicky and his kids in more danger…


  • Now that David has the tablet, what is he going to do with it?
  • Will this prove his innocence, and prove who is behind everything?
  • Is the PM really behind the bombing, did he really go that far to prevent the information coming out?
  • What is Chanel and Luke’s angle?
  • Why is David contacting an arms dealer for a weapon, what is he planning?
  • Is Longcross and MI5 really planning to go after Vicky and her kids, even though round the clock MP protection?

The episode provided enough infromation, yet not enough. With only 1 episode left, whais left to do? With the finale being 75 minutes, what is going to happen. Has Julia been alive all along? What will the tablet do to everyone involved? How will David acting whilst suspended fair? I guess we shall have to wait and see.

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