BoJack Horseman (S05E05) “The Amelia Earhart Story”

In an episode centering on Princess Carolyn, we get a glimpse into her past, as she travels to her hometown in the hopes of convincing a pregnant teen to let her adopt.

Princess Carolyn doesn’t have it easy, but continues to be the most determined character in the series, however dogged (the irony) that may be at times. In this episode she returns to North Carolina, hoping to impress an indecisive pregnant teen. What becomes clear though,  is that no matter how much PC (I refuse to type Princess Carolyn a dozen times) really wants (and deserves) a child, she still can’t balance her work and her personal life; in fact, this deters Sadie (the pregnant teen) – ultimately resulting in Sadie expressing her desire to pursue other options.

Parallel to this storyline is that of PC in her youth, where it’s revealed that her mother was ‘the help’ for a wealthy family. PC was impregnated by the son of the family, and had to decide between a prosperous yet unfulfilling life with them, or her own path. Fate decided for her, however, as she suffered a miscarriage (the first of many) which meant that she had no hopes of integrating with the family. PC’s big break came when she got accepted into college, and she decided to leave her mother behind to pursue her future.

Meanwhile, BoJack suffers an injury on set when a stunt goes wrong, and PC (busy as she is) sorts him out by organizing some pretty strong painkillers – as trivial as it may seem at first, BoJack appears ecstatic about the effects of the drugs, and knowing him, things will only go south from here…

This was a good episode, especially because we got more background on PC, but I found it less impactful than Episode 2, which made some thought-provoking suggestions about how we deal with issues – and whether we can ever escape them with time and distance alone. This episode somewhat deals with how in some cases we can never truly go home, a theme reinforced by the literal decaying grounds of PC’s former home. However, it mainly just serves to flesh out PC’s character.

Stay tuned 🙂