Chicken Girls (S03E03) “My Fair Lady”

This week’s, “My Fair Lady” isn’t about turning an ugly duckling into a well educated, socially acceptable, beautiful swan, like the Broadway musical/drama of Lerner & Loewe; but then it is…kinda sorta’ because it’s  Chicken Girls!  

Our Eliza Doolittle is Rhyme. She is still shocked and suffering from a broken heart, because her boy friend, T.K left for Texas.  He didn’t even say good by!”  So she puts her best foot forward and putting on her “Big Girls Panties” gets a new attitude. 

First thing: Rhyme creates a “Box of Pain” It contains all of T.K. like memories; with the exception of a picture of the two, she accidently tears (perfectly) in half.  His half went into the  trash. ‘Loved it!

Further, into her self transformation, she did something that terrified her. She auditioned for the role of Juliet in the Shakespearen play, “Romeo  and” She took a deep breath and talked herself  in to it!  “Loved it”

I’m reminded of  Eleanor Roosevelt and lately The Fresh Prince, himself  (Will Smith)  “Do something that scares you everyday”  As you move thru it, you’ll find  there was nothing to fear, in the first place.  It’s stepping out of ya’comfort zone. 

And she did good. She has a lovely voice and was adored by those in attendance, especially “Romeo”; Drake ( Jay Ulloa) .

She didn’t get the part, but may have gotten the guy. She’s understudy for the lead.  She smiles.  T.k. who? And right here, I sense a triangle coming on. We all know T.K, will come back from Texas and then…choices,  choices choices!  

The show continues to hold my attention in the very doable 15 minutes or less. There is the usual teen-tween, real world. 1st crush “coming of age” as far as boyfriend-girlfriend and what it’s like to meet a special someone, who you just want to hang out with…all day long. Hey! Big Girls want that too!  Umm.

It’s change and how we deal with it in the land of High School. The land of Everything.  

Chicken Girls airs, Tuesday’s at 3p.m pacific/6p.m. eastern on Brat a YouTube channel