Interview with Jennifer Cheon

Hey guys and gals we have a special treat for all of you, I was able to interview Jennifer Cheon; for those who don’t know who she is she has played on series’s such as The 100, Van Helsing, Zoo, and recently Colony. Lets get to this awesome interview that I think you all will truly love!

Q 1) During Season 2 of Van Helsing we were introduced to your character Ivory, and she seemed to be quite the bad ass in some ways, was there anything you did to prepare yourself for the vampiric role?

I have been so lucky to be able to join the talented cast, and crew of Van Helsing. I knew coming onto a show like this I was going to have to stay on my A game. Not only with the acting side of things, but the physicality that this role requires. I really didn’t want to use a stunt double for any Ivory fight scenes, so I worked hard with our stunt team led by our OG bad ass stunt coordinator, Kimani Smith. I also took it upon myself to lean out, and put some muscle on. Ivory is a vampire so weakness isn’t an option. I trained every day, either in Muay Thai, boxing, the gym with my trainer or yoga. I just want to give the fans of the show the real deal.

Q 2) What can we expect from Ivory in Van Helsing Season 3?

Bigger, Better, Badder. Bloody fabulous

Q 3) When you heard that Van Helsing was being renewed for Season 3, what was your reaction to the renewal?

I screamed very loud, and danced. In that order… Soon as I got word. I called my husband, screamed in his ear, and put on “I Wanna Dance with Somebody” by Whitney Houston… that’s the honest truth.

Q 4) During Season 2 we saw a little bit of Ivory’s back story through I believe it was a hallucination trip, do you think that will be explored anymore in Season 3 or was that just a one time thing?

I think it safe to say that that scene represents the fuel to Ivory’s actions this coming season 3. I loved those flashbacks because it gave fans the opportunity to see how relatable she is. I don’t mean people actually can relate to being burned at the stake, but metaphorically speaking I think they can relate. We have all have felt passionate about something, had faith in something and that thing hurt us or disappoint us. So now that you saw her hallucination of her past.. you can understand the motivation behind her actions in season 3.

Q 5) I know sometimes actors and actresses they try putting a little bit of themselves into the character’s they play, are there any traits of Ivory that are your own that you put into acting as the character?

This might sound crazy, but yes. I know she is supposed to be the “bad guy,” but I don’t see her that way. I see her as a woman who was hurt, abused, and forced out of a circle of people. I can relate to that. I was bullied in school, which forced me out of certain circles of people. At the time it hurt, but now I’m glad. I had some abusive relationships in my past that for a long time scared me. I found that in order to step into Ivory’s shoes I had to bring some of that hurt up, and deal with it. Now Ivory is a vampire so she kills and eats her enemies. I just killed the hurt caused by my past enemies. So I say yes there are traits of Ivory that are my own because I have been that pissed off and angry before. It was nice to finely let it go, and put all of that hurt and anger into my art.

Q 6) If Ivory could have one final showdown/fight with any character that is still alive in the Van Helsing world, who would it be and why?

I think the character she really wanted to kill was Dmitri. He was the one that sent Scab to get help from The Sisterhood in order to get the Van Helsings, and disrupted her and her sisters peace. We all know how that turned out, and if you don’t… GO WATCH IT!! 🙂

Other than him… I would say Scarlette. She said some pretty off side comments in our last showdown, and I’m pretty sure Ivory is still pissed about that.


Q 7) If Ivory ever dies in the Van Helsing series, how would you want the character to go down?

AHHHHHH!!! Now I’m crying…. okay I’ll pull myself together… IF… IF that happens I want it to be the best dang death anyone has ever seen. I want them to cry as much as they did when Bambi’s mom died. The truth is I don’t want her to ever die. She’s a witch too, so I would imagine she has contingency plans to hunt the dead and the living throughout the Vampire Apocalypse. 😉

Q 8) Using one word and only one word, how would you describe Van Helsing Season 3?


Q 9) Out of all the cast and crew of Van Helsing, what is one actor or actress that you have enjoyed working with on this journey of the series?

Rowland Pidlubny AKA Scab… My/ Ivory’s beloved. Working with him has been real experience. Sometimes with this job you can get caught up in all the other BS, but Rowland always brings me back. He is fearless in his work, vulnerable, he takes risks, and it inspires me every day. I’m so thankful to be able to share this crazy fucking ride with him.

Q 10) Final question cause I know you’re a busy lady, are there any funny or fun moments that happened to you on the set of Van Helsing that you would like to share with us?

Well on our show there is A LOT of blood, all kinds of blood. The blood you are allowed to put in your mouth, the kind that stays on the flour, ect., but the kind that goes in your mouth is quite sticky. When we are shooting we have to pause in the middle of the slaying, and biting, so the makeup team can come and pour a mouth full of blood into your mouth, so you can delicately let it fall out of your mouth to look like you just took a bite. It’s supposed to be this badass and cool moment, but in the middle this one epic fight sequence, I take a bite out of a human, we pause for the blood, they call action, and I come up from the bite holding my swords. It’s supposed to be this Ivory glory moment… and…all my hair is stuck to the front of my face… very “Cousin It”… very un-badass.