Interview with Kate Green, Creator of NarcoLeap

We are thrilled to introduce you to Kate Green, the brilliant mind behind the exciting sci-fi show NarcoLeap. Kate was kind enough to share her time with us and let us have a peek behind the curtain!

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What first sparked the idea for NarcoLeap?

I had just completed my second short documentary and really wanted to direct a scripted project. I was working with an emerging writer at the time and I mentioned I wanted to do a sci-fi web series with a female lead. In particular, I wanted to work with Chelsey Reist. I was really interested in the idea of ‘walking in someone else’s shoes’. I think that all of us have those day dreams and especially as a young woman when you are trying to find your place in the world while being inundated by people’s so called “fabulous” lives that we see on social media.

Have you always found yourself interested in sci-fi?

Yes! I loved shows like Star Trek: Next Generation, Fringe, Battlestar Galactica and even Quantum Leap.

One of our favorite things about science fiction is that we can explore hard truths in a way that’s easier to digest. We see this with Chelsey Reist’s character Kelsey regaining control over herself throughout the first season. Did you always have this medium in mind to tell that story that so many women can relate to?

That is definitely one of the reasons I love sci-fi. You get to create a world that has rules and boundaries. Then as a creator you have the delight of trying to tell a story or explore a theme within this world and see how it plays out. The world of NarcoLeap is much like the world that we live in, but in Kelsey’s life, not only is she trying to find herself as a young woman with a condition like narcolepsy, but she’s also navigating her relationships all the while being hunted by the military. It’s an odd pairing but I think the emotions and story arc Kelsey has is very relatable.

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Chelsey is so perfect in the role as Kelsey, we love her from The 100 as well. How did that casting happen? 

I actually met Chelsey 11 years ago when I cast her as the host of a travel show I was producing and directing. Chelsey had that ‘it’ factor the minute she walked in the room. As we travelled and worked on the show, I started to see what an amazing human she is too. We would keep in touch sporadically over the years and it was fun to see both of our careers moving forward, however, I always knew that if I had the chance to work on something with her again, I would in a heartbeat. When I made the leap (pun intended) to directing a scripted project, I wanted her in the lead.

The relationship between Kelsey and Aiden (Madison Smith) is one of our favorite parts of the show. How do you make sure that the chemistry will pop in a way that audiences can connect to?

In this case, it was sheer blind faith. Chelsey was still shooting season 5 of The 100 and due to scheduling, we weren’t able to get them in the room together or with Austin Eckert until our first read through. Luckily, I had actors that are pros and really understood the characters and their relationships to each other. Our writer David Schimdt, did an incredible job of building scenes that allowed for the actors to find those moments too.

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Episode 8 was so emotional and the Director reveal was so exciting! We’re dying for more. Can we expect a season 2?

I’m dying for more too! I’m already writing out some of the storylines. Hopefully, by Spring of 2019 we will have financing and be heading into production.

What is your ideal goal for the series? 

I always envisioned that the web series is a prequel to a television series. The web series is a story and format that stands on its own and the television series is the next chapter to it.

I think we all have dreams about being someone else for a day. Who would you pick if you could live another life temporarily?

Easy! Hands down- James Corden. Just so I could do Carpool Karaoke with people like Sir Paul McCartney.

Right now Hollywood is getting a lot of attention with the #MeToo movement and so many women coming forward to tell their story. Do you feel that now is a particularly good time for a female-driven story?

Yes, absolutely. I think decision makers/executives are finally hearing and seeing that there is a sector of the audience that hasn’t been served. These stories can not only make an impact, but they can make money too.

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If you could give advice to any woman wanting a job in the film industry, what would it be?

It would be the same advice I would give to a man. If there is anything else in this life that makes you happy and you can earn a living at it- go and do it because no matter what area you work in in film, it is not for the faint of heart. If you are committed to pursuing it then work hard, be nice (as in don’t be a jerk), don’t give up. Ever!

Thank you again for your time, is there anything else you’d like fans to know?

Yes, thank you to all the for the fans for their support because the more views and shares we get helps us with funding season 2. NarcoLeap is available on YouTube and at, and for those in Canada, you can also See NarcoLeap on TELUS Optik TV, and