Mr. Mercedes(S02E05) “Andale”

Okay guys we had another great episode delivered to us today, and it had a lot of interesting moment, I won’t touch on all of them but I will try to touch on most of them. Lets get to this review!

With the bit of craziness that we got in this episode we saw Brady (Harry Treadaway) still in control of Al (Mike Starr) which is just creepy like he literally stalked Antonio’s (Maximiliano Hernandez) family when they were at home and at school or work. I don’t know about anyone here but when I saw that Al was stalking Antonio’s family I was like there’s going to be something really bad that happens either to the family or to a family member or something bad is going to happen. And sure enough I was right, Brady made Al kill Antonio’s dog and leave him a message in blood. When Al finally woke up out of Brady’s control he didn’t know what had happened or why he lost so much time. But how much longer until Brady gets tired of using Al and kills the poor guy and then moves on to someone else. Which makes you have to wonder, who will be next on Brady’s control list? Will it be Dr. Felix Babineau (Jack Huston) or will it be Nurse Wilmer (Tammy Arnold)? It’s really hard to tell who will be next heck it could also be Dr. Cora Babineau (Tessa Ferrer) for all we know. But I guess we will have to wait and see, and with there being only 5 episodes left one has to wonder will they renew this series and give us more of a fledged out story or will this be the end of watch? See what I did there, only someone who has read the book trilogy will get it.

So we also saw Lou (Breeda Wool) taking her therapist advice in talking in a mirror about what she would say to Brady if she had the chance, and I think we got quite a lot of what she would love to say. And we still love Lou for who she is, she is definitely an interesting character that I definitely love and shows so much strength and is just amazing. I as well as the whole fan base for Lou really hope that she lives throughout the entire story, I don’t really remember in the book if she lived or not but we the fans all hope things get better for awesome Lou.

We also saw I think for the first time Holly (Justine Lupe) was in fact disappointed and kinda upset in her own way with Bill (Brendan Gleeson) after he dropped the ball on Antonio making a threat to shut down Finder’s Keepers investigations. But thanks to Holly thinking pretty smart, that she would have a document written up stating to Antonio that Bill Hodges was working under his own and not with Finder’s Keepers so that the investigations company would still be able to be in business even if Hodges is taken down by Antonio. It’s interesting though that after Antonio makes this threat and after he finds his dog mutilated he comes to Hodges for help only fearing that Brady really is awake and really is on a killing spree again. Hodges agrees to look into the case even further in agreement that all threats are disclosed and forgotten.

What will happen next? Will Brady continue to target Antonio and his family? Or will Brady make Al frame Antonio in a crime? Find out by continuing to watch Mr. Mercedes!

Next Episode: Mr. Mercedes(S02E06) “Proximity” airs Wednesday September 26, 2018 at 10/9c only on Audience TV