Maniac (S01E01) “The Chosen One!”

All souls are on a quest to connect, or find some kind of reason to keep pushing forward. Maniac touches on the need to be part of something, anything. In a world where they are working towards eradicating all forms of human pain, is it possible to evolve past suffering?

We are introduced to Owen (Jonah Hill), who not only is the black sheep of an affluent family, but his mind is also working against him. Struggling with mental illness (diagnosed with schizophrenia), he is unable to correlate between what is real and what is not. Plagued with visions of things that are not there.

maniac1 1024x682 - Maniac (S01E01) “The Chosen One!”
Owen finds himself desperate for something, anything. (Photo: Netflix)

It’s interesting to see a story set on the other side of losing it all. We are able to see the unseen and empathize with what drives a person to the brink of madness. Is there more to the bigger picture? What if what Owen is seeing, is part of a new reality?

Maniac is set in a world which brings both new and old technology together.” Where it isn’t uncommon to get ahead by using “Ad Buddy” when you are down and out. Starting over isn’t so hard when the opportunities are readily at one’s disposal. It’s something different and slowly sets the pace to draw the viewer in.

maniac2 1024x682 - Maniac (S01E01) “The Chosen One!”
Dr. Muramoto (Rome Kanda) and Dr. Fujita ( Sonoya Mizuno) (Photo: Netflix)
And so it begins…

Owen’s world opens up when he is accepted into a lucrative, yet potentially dangerous pharmaceutical trial. There seems to be a pattern he is following, even if he doesn’t quite understand it yet. With his “invisible” brothers guidance, could he possibly be at the right place, at the right time? The chosen one, who will save the world.

Enter the formidable Annie, who is played by the talented Emma Stone. She just might be the person Owen has been searching for. She is the one who will certainly tie it all together, even if it means indulging in the surreal situation they are currently in. There is some sort of truth to the madness, otherwise what would be the point?

Maniac is a limited run series, and they are just scratching the surface. I for one look forward to where the “rabbit hole” will go next.

Next Episode: “Windmills”