Wynonna Earp (S03E09) “Undo It”

Previously on Wynonna Earp…

Mama Earp (Megan Follows) freed Bobo Del Rey (Michael Eklund). Kate (Chantel Riley) turned into a vampire for Doc (Tim Rozon) and Doc turned into a vampire for Wynonna Earp (Melanie Srofano). There’s a secret staircase in the woods of Murder Tree Lane. Robin (Justin Kelly) licked a potato and muttered about Bulshar’s connection to the trees. Bulshar’s ring boomerangs back and Waverly (Dominique Provost-Chalkley) sticks it in to Super Woman punch Zombie Stone Witch. Unfortunately Zombie Constance stole 3 tarot cards from Bulshar’s long ago reading so he can finally know his future. The team discovers he’s looking for the Garden of Eden. But Bulshar (Jean Marchand) interrupts Wynonna’s update to Doc by blowing dust at them.

Domestic WayHaught Sexy Time with Demon Ring

In another WayHaught troll moment, we open to heavy panting, groaning, and talks of lube and “don’t stop’s.” But nope, it’s not WayHaught getting hot and heavy. They’re attempting to get Bulshar’s ring off Waverly’s finger, but it’s stuck. I have to say I love this writing team and this is so incredibly on brand for this show.

Waverly thinks maybe it’s fine to keep it on—it gives her super powers—but Nicole (Katherine Barrell) counters that it came off the hand of a chopped-off demon arm, assisted Mercedes’ face-stealing demon wife,  and burned Jolene, Doc’s finger, and Nicole’s butt. Yeah, those all seem like a valid reasons to make ring removal a priority including the fact Waverly has a history with demon possession. Let’s not repeat that. Nicole requests Waverly not touch anything, which unfortunately includes Nicole, but don’t worry, once they get the ring off, Nicole plans to get them off because nothing like removing a demon ring to get you all worked up.

WynDoc’s Delusional Roll in the hay

In the barn, Wynonna and Doc have a roll in the hay, which I immediately found odd because where is Bulshar? Nicole interrupts because she needs the bolt cutters from Wynonna’s no-longer-secret B&E kit. But they shout at her to go away because it’s NSFW and Nicole huffs because honestly these two need to figure out their feelings. This up and down is too much of a roller coaster for her. As she leaves, there’s Bulshar! In the background, creeping, and Nicole pauses, like she senses him, but doesn’t turn around.

Wynonna and Doc discuss the whole vampire ordeal. It appears Wynonna has forgiven him and for once, they seem to be on the same page about their relationship. They go back to sleep but they’re not alone in the barn. Bulshar and his beekeeper minions surround them. Also, Wynonna and Doc aren’t actually asleep after a romp. They’re under Bulshar’s spell, which simulates their reality, much like a video game.

WayHaught fake smiling at jeweler - Wynonna Earp (S03E09) "Undo It"
Don’t be fooled. They can’t wait to get rid of this misogynistic revenant creep.
source: IDW Entertainment distribution/SyFy network

At the Sheriff’s department, WayHaught have a jeweler (Dylan Roberts) take a look at Bulshar’s ring. He pulls out a mini-saw to cut it off and accuses Waverly of ovulating when she “jokes” about losing appendages. This guy immediately hits my sh*t list for that comment and the fact that we find out he’s a Revenant makes it more justifiable. The jeweler recognizes the “Paradise” inscription on the ring and gets weird. Thankfully, WayHaught get called out for a disturbance on the Gardner House.

Wynonna Earp: The Video GAme

In the woods of Murder Tree Lane, Wynonna and Doc stroll through the forest. They’re all cozy and in love and domestic. But Peacemaker shocks Wynonna and she wakes up from their dreamscape. The zombie beekeepers attempt to feed her the evil walnut but she kicks some serious butt. Bulshar and Wynonna exchange some fantastic banter before he blows more dust.

Wynonna wakes up but now Doc is missing. Wynonna travels downstairs into Shorty’s. Thankfully, there’s booze but unfortunately, an arrow shoots her down. Fortunately, it’s not one of those dreamscapes where if you die in the dream, you die in real life. Wynonna wakes again in Shorty’s basement and sees Doc’s projection on wooden boxes. But Doc has no idea where he’s at.

Wynonna flips off the Video game - Wynonna Earp (S03E09) "Undo It"
Wynonna’s also tired of all this stupid men’s antics
source: IDW Entertainment distribution/SyFy network

Wynonna rushes back up the stairs and then travels downstairs. This whole layout is throwing me off. Anyways, she returns with middle fingers up and dodges the arrow. Unfortunately, a poison dart kills her. And she restarts back in Shorty’s basement. Wynonna continues to try, over and over again.

Dani Frickin’ Kind, Y’all!

WayHaught arrive at the Gardner house, a little wary about what they may be walking into this time. However, it’s Dani Freakin’ Kind a.k.a. Mercedes but the real one, not the face-stealing demon wife. Side note: Kate left behind bloody sheets and sex toys on the bed. Completely irrelevant info, still on brand for this show, and totally appreciate this knowledge. Anyways Tucker, who Nicole, myself, and possibly everybody else wish him no rest in hell, changed the combo to the Gardner safe and Mercedes is hammering it to get in. Nicole shoots it open for her and it’s wads of cash. Of course.

Meanwhile at Dream Shorty’s, Wynonna marks her attempts, rushes back in, and continues to die. Doc, who’s still a projection at Shorty’s, seems to be under some floor boards but dirt is slowly trickling down upon him. At the Gardner house, Derek the creepy Revenant jeweler shows up and demands the ring. Everyone says Derek a hundred times because if you’re not sure what his name is, it’s Derek. He wants to swear ultimate fealty to Bulshar. He threatens Ginger One (Nicole) and Ginger Two (Mercedes) if Waverly doesn’t cut her finger off for the ring.

Clearly, Derek is out of the loop because Waverly has super powers now and she fries this punk like she’s Harry Potter in Book 1, touching the face of Voldemort-inhabited Quirrell. Of course, this freaks everyone out, including Waverly but especially Mercedes.

Wynonna Earp: The Video Game Thankfully has Saved Checkpoints

Wynonna restarts in Shorty’s basement again and she’s frustrated. And in all our wildest childhood dreams, the floor becomes lava while she tries to figure out a plan. She rushes back up the stairs and out the door into the Homestead because this whole video game layout is one delusional nightmare after another. Now, Doc’s projection is on the fireplace.

We cut back into the woods where Bulshar watches Wynonna, entrapped in branches and still under his spell. He villainously monologues (to his zombie beekeepers?) about keeping Wynonna in the delusional dreamscape for all eternity, burning down the world and enslaving humanity. It’s all very apocalyptic and standard end-of-the-world craziness. None of which I want to see happen but all of which I expect as we hit these final weeks.

Wynonna drinks bad whiskey and stomps around, which thankfully helps her find Doc. He’s underneath the floorboards of the Homestead. However, she realizes the grain dropping down on him isn’t popcorn but dirt. Bulshar is slowly burying him alive and it’s horrifying when you consider the fact that Doc spent time under the floorboards of his mother’s death bed as a small child in order to be close to her. Doc reveals Bulshar offered him a deal for his salvation from Hell, but Doc refused. Wynonna exits the Homestead to search for a crow bar.

All the Praise to April Mullen & Crew for this Beautiful Masterpiece

This is one of my favorite shots in the episode and there’s a lot of really great shots. April Mullen, the director for this episode, did a superb job. Much like the rest of this season, the Wynonna Earp team continues to show off some cinematic brilliance. I combed through this episode for what I’d like to screen cap but it’s shot so well that I want to capture everything. Anyways, outside the Homestead, Wynonna steps off the porch, glancing around for trouble but only finding snowfall.

At the Gardner house in reality, Waverly attempts to explain her burning hand experience, but Mercedes knows the Earp’s are cursed and she doesn’t want any more damage done to her face. Waverly cups her face, tells Mercedes she’s pretty, and they seem to have a moment. We’ll get back to that at the end of episode. Meanwhile, Mercedes forces Waverly to put a mitt (a literal oven mitt!) on her hand before she burns somebody else. Nicole suggests they discuss with Jeremy for a supernatural solution to remove the ring because interrupting Wynonna is enough of an obstacle for WayHaught.

Which speak of the veggie devil, Jeremy calls them. He noticed some Bulshar-y behavior in the woods. In the mean time, Wynonna enters the Homestead barn to find Bobo and she smirks and fires Peacemaker. But only to be restarted back to the Homestead where there’s a lot more dirt than she originally remembers. However, she’s actually killed Bobo many times now.

Wynonna Earp 2: Red Dead Redemption
Wynonna and Bobo die - Wynonna Earp (S03E09) "Undo It"
source: IDW Entertainment distribution/SyFy network

Again, April freakin’ Mullen ladies and gentlemen! It’s such a quick sequence but Bobo’s death reverses as he revived back to life while Wynonna kills him over and over again with Peacemaker. It’s basically the Earp Curse for these two—this never-ending circle where the Earp’s must kill the 77 revenants and the revenants continuously revive after each new Heir.

Doc begs for Wynonna to try something else because the dirt continues to trickle every time she shoots Bobo. This time, Wynonna decides to leave Peacemaker behind. In the woods, the Unkillable Gay Squad search for the staircase, which could potentially be the entrance to the Garden of Eden. Nicole notices a hand sticking out of a pile or branches, but before we can figure out whose, we’re back with Wynonna in the dreamscape where she confronts Bobo.

In probably one of my favorite scenes for this episode, Wynonna tries to reason with Bobo. She requests for his help because long ago, Robert Svane was a friend of Wyatt’s and he helped JC  and Constance seal Bulshar. However the two end up killing each other and fall to the ground in another stunning visual. Wynonna reminds Bobo how intertwined her family and himself truly are. Mama let him out. Willa loved him. He saved Waverly. But Bobo is done; he has no resolve left. The spotlight is on them as the camera pulls away and man, this is such a visually appealing shot!

The Unkillable Gay Squad to the Rescue

In the real world, Nicole has all the hatchets in her backpack and they realize the person in the branches is Bobo. They work to cut him loose. Meanwhile, Wynonna has a heart-to-heart with Doc when she restarts again in the Homestead. Wynonna wonders if this is what Hell is like, but Doc advises her that it is not. In Hell, he was alone. Wynonna informs him that she never gave up on him, even when it appeared like she did, but she wishes he never gave up on her. Doc refutes that, saying he would never give up on her or Alice. Tears fall from both their eyes. Doc asks for one last attempt and Wynonna gives it another go.

Back in reality, the Unkillable Gay Squad free Bobo from his Bulshar delusion and he reveals Bulshar still has Doc and Wynonna. Nicole thought they were in the barn but nope, Bulshar is in their head. We cut back to the dreamscape where Wynonna enters the barn to fight Bobo again, but he’s no longer there. She leaves to find Bulshar and the exit. He reveals The Tower is the weapon a.k.a. Peacemaker which protects the Garden. He needs it but she has to give it to him willingly. Of course, she threatens by shoving the gun up his butt and blowing out his guts once she’s able to beat his stupid game. Also, apparently Peacemaker can’t kill Bulshar because he’s the Original Demon and the curse only allows for Peacemaker to send revenants back to Hell.

Demon Ring, Angel Ring, or Both?

At Murder Tree Lane, Bobo rambles about the dreamscape. Clearly, Bulshar broke him. Jeremy’s sixth sense points them in the direction of Wynonna and Doc, where the Unkillable Gay Squad hope to save them before Bulshar breaks their spirits like Bobo’s. Before Waverly follows after Nicole and Jeremy, Bobo references Bulshar’s ring as Waverly’s father’s ring. Interesting! I feel better about her connection to the ring if it’s her father’s rather than because Bobo’s promise to deliver her to Bulshar as his bride.

Thankfully, Wynonna saves Doc in the nick of time. Now, they’re together, ready to take on Bulshar as a team. They exit the Homestead to leave through the red Narnia door. But Bulshar suddenly re-appears but with a bullet hole in his chest where Wynonna shot him earlier. Peacemaker can hurt him and she raises it again, it glows white, and she fires it. He evaporates and music softly plays like they’ve finally defeated Bulshar and this is the end. It’s clearly not because we still have 3 more episodes this season.

Wynonna Earp 3: REturn to Shorty’s

Wynonna and Doc travel through the red door and are suddenly back in the barn in their former clothes before Bulshar blew dust on them last episode. It seems they have finally returned to reality as Nicole bangs on the barn, demanding entrance, and WynDoc celebrate the fact that they broke the curse. Unfortunately, as Wynonna runs to let Nicole in, she restarts back to the start in Shorty’s basement with Doc’s projection on the furnace. Bulshar laughs while Wynonna’s resolve starts to crumble. She’s mentally exhausted as she crawls across the room and up the stairs. While she opens the door, it takes her back outside the Homestead, face-to-face with Bulshar.

Wynonna in front of the graves - Wynonna Earp (S03E09) "Undo It"
source: IDW Entertainment distribution/SyFy network

He demands surrender, but she won’t give up. But he’s got a real nasty trick up his sleeve. He shows her their graves—Jeremy’s, Nicole’s, Dolls’, Doc’s and Waverly’s. Her hands are dirty as if she dug the graves herself. Hell, even the crosses created for each grave seems handmade. Wynonna mutters to herself that her team won’t give up, Wavelry wouldn’t give up, and they’re coming to save her from this delusion. But similar to Jolene, Bulshar tells Wynonna she is alone and her family felt abandoned by her.

Evil Staircases, Branch Cages, & Melanie Scrofano, Oh yeah!

In the woods, the Unkillable Gay Squad find the staircase and yes, all three can see it. It exists. Nicole even hits it with her hatchet to confirm. And again, Jeremy has to hold them off from climbing the stairs. Waverly shouts that she’s found Wynonna and Doc. In the dreamscape, Bulshar continues to torment Wynonna with Doc’s and Waverly’s voices. The Unkillable Gay Squad start to rescue Doc and Wynonna from Bulshar’s branches. As Wynonna hears the tormented voice of Doc and Waverly, she starts to relent to Bulshar as she double-checks that he’ll keep his word. If she gives up Peacemaker willingly, it’ll save her family. He promises and Wynonna apologizes.

Wynonna looks lost and Waverly - Wynonna Earp (S03E09) "Undo It"
source: IDW Entertainment distribution/SyFy network

I’ve mentioned the beautiful visuals this episode and how well-written it is, but Melanie Scrofano, y’all. A lot of the emotional heart of this episode is on her shoulders and she carries it so well. The Emmy’s were this past week and for someone who works in the industry, I hardly invest any time watching it because mostly, I’m always into shows who don’t get nominated or recognized—shows like Wynonna Earp. But honestly Scrofano is an underrated actress and she’s got an entire reel of Emmy-deserving performances. It’s moments like this, where she plays Wynonna like the flawed, vulnerable hero that she’s allowed to be, that showcase how great this show is. I want to yell at my TV screen, shout “No” over and over, but to Wynonna, it’s for the greater good and not the Harry Potter Grindelwald “Greater Good” but it’s to save her family from death in her dreamscape.

Welcome Back to Our Apocalyptic Reality

Wynonna and Doc wake up in the real world, out of their cage of branches. Doc looks over at Wynonna, needing her to confirm she didn’t give up Peacemaker. But she can’t because she needed to save them.

Wynonna and Waverly recap at the end - Wynonna Earp (S03E09) "Undo It"
source: IDW Entertainment distribution/SyFy network

At the Homestead, Wynonna eyes The Tower card. Waverly and her sit in front of the fire. Wynonna feels defeated but Waverly tries to stay positive until Wynonna mentions it can’t get any worse. Waverly shows her Bulshar’s/Julian’s ring and the oven mitt she must keep on because her hand is officially a menace to society. Waverly mentions they can take the fight to Bulshar at the stairs, but Wynonna didn’t see any stairs. At this point, it’s only appeared to the four queer characters on the show so take that as you will. Wynonna theorizes that maybe it only shows up for those who are righteous and good, but Waverly reminds her that not only is Wynonna good but she’s her sister. And then they laugh over the fact that Waverly is an angel, can’t remove a demon ring, and has to wear an oven mitt.

Back at the Gardner House of Horrors, Mercedes removes a sheet from a mirror and the bandages off her face. It’s miraculously healed! All because Wavelry Earp, a real-life angel, cradled her face for a brief moment with her demon/angel ring. So maybe the ring isn’t all bad. We shall see.

Anyways, sorry for the super late recap, but hey, it’s just in time for tonight’s Wynonna Earp episode, which you can watch on SyFy/Space at 9 p.m. Eastern.