Mayans MC (S01E03) “Búho/Muwan”

This week’s episode shows us a little of what the cost of secrets and  lies can be. Secrets usually come to light one way or another, no matter how much you try to conceal them. Miguel (Danny Pino) knows that his wife Emily (Sarah Bolger) is very aware of what is really going on and that he has kept it all from her (her poor Iphone payed the price for that one). He also knows that she will not believe anything that comes out of his mouth at this point. He does start to mend the damage done when he apologizes while crying in bed, a very heartfelt apology.

Angel (Clayton Cardenas) has a side deal going on with a lone member of the Chinese to make money to help the Rebels. He and most of the MC were brutally reminded that you don’t make side deals when the lone Chinese member is shot in the head for his betrayal. I have to admit, it was quite abrupt, but for now, no one else knows that Angel was part of the side deal.

It seems that the Cartel has an interesting way of recruiting children. A little kidnapping and a cut of the palm of their hand and they are part of the Cartel. Sutter’s clever way of storytelling had me waiting for the infamous yellow raincoat and not the initiation we witnessed.

We also got a glimpse of just how smart Papa Reyes (Edward James Olmos) is, spotting a tail keeping an eye on his business and home. He didn’t take too kindly to that fact and broke out a gun (one of many kept in the garage) to let his feelings be known. I am glad that EZ (JD Pardo) has his pop watching his back. One of my favorite parts of the episode was when Felipe put blankets on his two sons after they fell asleep watching tv together.

The end of the episode has me worried about Adelita (Carla Baratta) and the rest of the Rebels. A seemingly innocent young boy has been taken in by Adelita, who believes his family are now dead. As he was eating, I noticed the long cut on the palm of his hand. It’s not looking good for the Rebels at all.


Mayans MC airs Tuesday nights on FX at 9pm Central

Photo credit : @MayansFX