Maniac (S01E02) “Windmills”


With each passing episode the world of Maniac is beginning to open up. In this twisted reality, it’s safe to say you can expect the unexpected. With the trial underway, new issues are beginning to come up to the surface.

Annie (Emma Stone) is reeling after her drug supply dries up. She must navigate this new world sober, and it isn’t a pleasant sight. Desperate times call for desperate measures, when the promise of a plethora of drugs in the form of controversial drug trails presents itself, she does what she must to get into the program at NPB.

maniacs01e02 1024x682 - Maniac (S01E02) “Windmills”
Patricia (Selenis Leyva) on the receiving end of some good ‘ol blackmail thanks to Annie (Emma Stone) (Photo: Netflix)

In this world, you can attain any services, including blackmail. We get to see into the daily life of Annie, before she became a subject. Profane and cynical, she has always marched to her own drummer. With a broken family and unresolved issues, it’s interesting to see what makes her tick. Drugs are the goal, but she’s going to get much more than she bargained for.

The test subjects in this particular study, are there to transform their lives. Leaving the bad behind and evolving, getting a second chance at life. That is if everything goes according to plan. There is an ominous cloud surrounding the whole study, and I am sure we will be privy to that darkness soon enough. Not even a cheesy “welcome” video can completely calm their nerves.

maniacso1e021111 - Maniac (S01E02) “Windmills”
The trials begin, and no one is safe. (Photo: Netflix)
What could go wrong?

There are three crucial steps to the program, and three different medications. In this first round, each subject is forced to relive their worst moments in life. Step one is unforgiving, and it’s easy to get lost in Annie’s story. A cross-country road trip with her sister, Ellie (Julia Garner), takes a heartbreaking and unfortunate turn, adding a new depth to her character.

Everyone is in pain, it’s an inevitable part of life. If you had the chance to shed all the bad, would you? There is something addictive about this series. The storytelling is compelling, as a result, it makes you want to watch the train wreck up close and personal. Sally Field voicing the smart computer, Greta, is just the icing on the cake.

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