BALLERS (S04E07) “The Kids are Aight”

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In this weeks episode of Ballers, Spencer pays a visit to the Anderson Brothers to ask for a $200 million loan for a TV rights deal.  The Anderson brothers  watch a  tape of “Q,”  (Quincy) in action they become enamored with him are feeling confident about investing & has up’d the asking price to $250 million. Well, sounds like everything is a go, right?  Not so fast. There’s always drama nearby. Much to his dismay, Spencer discovers that his stepson “Q” made a deal verbally to Ohio State. Come on, are you kidding me, kid? Well, “Q” how did you forget to tell you poor old Uncle Spencer? Gee.  So now Spencer sets out to do what he does best and that is to “fix.” However, “fixing” has landed him in a Columbus Ohio jail cell. He has crossed the wrong person he goes by the name of “JD“. He stands about 5’5”, dapper and charming. He let Spencer know that he will ruin his life if he tries to deter Quincy’s decision to join their football team. I must say I am a little nervous. Spencer what are you prepared to do now? 

Meanwhile back at the crazy farm, Joe charms sneaker big shot Yanni. He alongside Fat Reggie somehow worked out a meeting with Illegal Civilization (those obnoxious skater brats) and Nike to collaborate in an ad campaign. Theses skater brats show just how unprofessional they are & pull the most vile prank I’ve ever seen. During the meeting, these goons pass around a drink tucked away in a paper bag. The meeting ends in regurgitation being spewed all over the executives. Gross, the kids are Aight? NOT! 

Ricky and Amber attend a barbecue at their new neighbors home, the Whites’. All of Ricky’s neighbors that are in attendance are caucasian and appear to have strong political opinions. Ricky & three men are engaging in a heated-politically driven conversation which leads to Ricky having passionate outbursts. He voices his opinion on our current president, defends his upbringing & his fellow comrades who have chosen to kneel during the national anthem. Then Ricky storms out of the party.  He gets home and takes to his twitter account spewing out more anger. Whew! Let the retweets begin! 

Mr. Greene has a surprise visit from his beloved wife Mrs. Greene. She is his backbone his life line. He feels as though he is sinking in this job. She soon boost  up his confidence & they get busy in his office. All is well & good in his world now. 

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