Maniac (S01E03) “Having a Day”


Maniac pushes the envelope and makes people sit back and think. It may be unethical, but if they are able to reign in the power of the mind and use it to help others, instead of hinder, it could be life changing. There is a very fine line between what is wrong and what is right. Spoilers ahead. 

Annie (Emma Stone) and Owen (Jonah Hill) find themselves on the opposite side of the spectrum. Owen decided not to take pill A, while Annie is already well accustomed to the pain, and the high of the experience. There is a method behind the madness, and each story has a heartbreaking reason. Connecting to our worst memories can bring one closer to what has been lost. The connections are starting to form and there is no turning back.

maniacs01e034 1024x433 - Maniac (S01E03) “Having a Day”
Moments of clarity shared between Owen and Annie. (Photo: Netflix)
Moving forward?

Dr. Muramoto (Rome Kanda) can see past Owen’s lies. His actions land Owen in a predicament, take the pill or be cast out to the street without payment. Having nothing else to lose, he must face his demons head on. Although with anything, there is a blip in the plan. Maybe there isn’t a pattern, only chaos, and perhaps it goes deeper than that.

There is an unwritten rule where the past always catches up with a person. This presents itself in the untimely demise of Dr. Muramoto, from the “recreational” use of pill A. Threatening the completion of the trial, they have no choice but to call in the creator of this controlled chaos, Dr. James K. Mantleray (Justin Theroux). There seems to be a sordid past attached to James and Dr. Fujita, time will reveal all.

maniacso1e031 1024x506 - Maniac (S01E03) “Having a Day”
The trials must go on. Dr. Fujita (Sonoya Mizuno) and Dr. Mantleray (Justin Theroux) make sure of it. (Photo: Netflix)

The show may consist of simplistic ideas, but they are anything but. There is something intriguing about revisiting trauma and taking control of past events. The second trial opens up the blind spots in the mind, exposing each person to a way forward. Although due to G.R.T.A’s (Sally Field) mourning, wires are crossed.

Due to an unfortunate glitch, minds are intermingled, and experiences shared. This may lead to catastrophic consequences, but maybe it’s just what these characters need. The shakeup could be good for them.

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