Mr Inbetween premieres

Ray, a hit man facing something of a midlife crisis. The series follows Ray’s dysfunctional day-to-day life as a criminal-for-hire (he’s ruthless, but he’s got a heart), a father (endearing, but loses a dollar every time he swears), an ex-husband (something got screwed up somewhere) and a best friend (you don’t want to ever cross any one of his friends).

Ray is 40-years-old, divorced, with an eight-year-old daughter, Brittany, reminding him of what’s still of value in the world. He’s got an older brother, Bruce, who is suffering from a muscular disease and reluctantly seeks Ray’s help. And after what appears to be sometimes away from romantic entanglements, Ray finds a new girlfriend in Ally, an EMT he meets when their dogs bond.

Catch it on FX.