Chicken Girls (S03E04) “Next to Normal”

This Chicken Girls was  cute & sweet…mostly. It was the signs of Cupid…mostly and budding young love.

We  see, on the one hand, an obvious attraction between Rhyme & Drake, or “Romeo & the maid.”

This is  developing under the jealous eye of Angie (Sissy Sheridan ) fellow Drama Queen, playing the role of Juliet.  She’s the Drake/Romeo, love interest, as assumed  by…Angie!

However, Drake was a constant companion to Rhyme during rehearsal.  And Rhyme loved it. So much, she practically said, “T.K who?!”  Actually, I think she did!

Rhyme shares her “thrill” with 1 of the Chicken Girls, during an attempt to come together.  They’re apparently, very  separate individuals, with very separate interest.

They  are very busy in High School and not with each other.  They’ve not been able to hang, like back in the day; Junior High. So Quinn, missing the chicks, thought it was time to “flock together” and catch up.

Yet only 3 showed, the others were too busy, which oddly was the point of the after school.  So 2 are left, after Ellie/Brooke had to leave with the Queen B’s . They dared to come and get her! She apparently is only allowed to be with other friends when…actually Never! “Queen B’s for life!”  And so then there were 2.  Which brings us to, “the other hand”  

After Rhyme shares her crush, Quinn, hesitates to share her person of interest, due to the extreme complexities of her situation.  However, she does share, “he likes sandwiches”  I laughed out loud here. Yes, he does. Indeed. “A Hamilton” could be a sammich!  Too cute.  

And so once again, I found this web-episode, cute, funny and real enough to bring about those memories of High School; the busyness, crushes and BFF fondly.  We live through it; one day at a time.

It also brings to mind, the friends and classmates of that time. We wonder,  “whatever happened to?”…especially the crush.  But that’s what Facebook is for, innit?  

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