Superstore Season 3 Recap

We’re just a week away til the season four premiere of Superstore. Here’s a  recap of Season 3.

After dealing with a tornado aftermath, the store was rebuild. But when Glenn  makes a mistake on the date for the reopening it puts the team in panic mode. Getting things ready from putting stocking shelves to panting some of the aisle looking like they were full. But on Halloween, the staff gets a shocking discovering when they find the body of Sal.

Season 3 dived into some issues from health care to bullying to even trying to make it on social media. To even  Glenn and his wife decides to have a baby and they asked his employees to be the surrogate, which Dina accepts.

The relationship between Mateo and Jeff have been a wild one. Jeff left Cloud 9 to work at Target.  But Jeff never did work at Target and get’s his job back at Cloud 9 and tries to make the store better.

But the Amy and Jonah relationship was the key this season, from kissing during the season 2 finale to Jonah being in a relationship with a new employee, Kelly. But when their feelings finally came out during a meeting, but decide to go their separate ways. That was until the two had sex in front of live cameras that were viewed live around the world.

Season 3 of Superstore was solid with it’s brilliant in it’s writing and ensemble cast performing. Mainly their repartee with one another is the comedy gold that I so much enjoy.

I think that Season 4 will explore more into Amy and Jonah’s relationship. I still think that Jonah might be the father of Amy’s baby. I think that Jeff and Mateo will get back together. But mainly I just can’t wait to see the show back.

Are you excited for the new season of Superstore? Leave a comment and tell us what you think Season 4 will bring.

You can catch the season premiere of Superstore Thursday, Oct. 4 at 8/7c on NBC.

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