Bodyguard (S01E06) “Episode 6”

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David has come a long way since the beginning

After a tense and riveting new season from BBC One, Bodyguard has taken everyone by surprise. The 75-minute finale brought back the suspense and anxiety felt in the pilot. The truth always finds a way of getting out. Why the attack on David’s kids’ school? Who was behind the Home Secretary’s murder? The inside man or woman? Well, let’s find out…


On the run to solve Julia’s murder

After realizing Organized Crime had a hand in this, David (Richard Madden) turns to Chanel (Stephanie Hyam) for drinks to find out more. Not only did she play him, but served him up on a platter for Luke (Matt Stokoe). Meanwhile, Detective Seargent Rayburn (Nina Toussaint-White) made the connection between him and Andy, the shooter behind the attempt on Julia’s life. And a manhunt is underway for David Budd. But as David wakes up after being knocked out by Luke’s guys, he appears to be wearing a suicide vest, similar to that Nadia wore on the train. Setting up an explosive finale.

A hostile standoff

Wearing the suicide vest and with his finger taped to the dead-man switch, David tries to get help. A woman lets him use his phone to contact 999, but what follows isn’t what he was expecting. A huge squad of police and specialists swarm the location of the call. David comes out and reveals the suicide vest and they escort him to an unpopulated area. With no one believing him about the vest being put on him, Vicky helps David convince the Rayburn and Sharma (Ash Tandon) of the truth. Suspecting MI5 is monitoring, David feeds them false intel which leads to the apprehension of Longcross (Michael Schaeffer). With critical shot authorized and the suicide vest being more complicated, Vicky (Sophie Rundle) runs to him to protect him. They begin the walk to his flat to hand the tablet over. After handing the tablet over, SO15 allows David to disarm the vest to not put anyone else’s life at risk. Once successful, he goes on the run adamant to solve the investigation

The inside woman

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An unexpected mole

David returns back to Chanel and convinces her into calling Luke and let him know the inside man is going to talk. David and Chanel follow Luke to the home of the mole, but it wasn’t who we were expecting. Chief Superintendent Lorraine Cradock (Pippa Haywood), David’s boss… The mole was a lot closer to David than we thought. Lorraine admits to sharing intel on Julia’s whereabouts to Luke. She also admits to using David as the fall guy because he was the perfect candidate based on his emotional state and history. But, what about the attack on David’s kids’ school? Nadia turned out to be hiding her true intentions. She was behind the attack on his kids’ school, she built all the bombs. Nadia played them all. The truth will always be set free.

“There’s room for one more”

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Things ended the way they should have

After the information on the tablet was leaked, the PM and Head of MI5 will resign at the end of day. Anne Sampson (GinaMcKee) seems to be on David’s side, having supposedly leaked the intel. Before she makes any decisions on David’s future, he has to do something first. He goes to Occupational Health to get help. Sometime later, he shows up to pick up the kids for school. We clearly see that David looks better, and Vicky sees it too. After putting the kids in the car, David says “There’s room for one more” and the smile across Vicky’s face widens. David and his family end up together again, the way it should be.


Bodyguard is one of my favourite series. It was something different. An unexpected surprise. The rumours surrounding Season 2 are growing by the moment, and too are the theories regarding Julia being alive. I guess we’ll have to wait and see who David has to protect next.

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