Mr. Mercedes(S02E06) “Proximity”

So in tonight’s episode we had a bit of crazy stuff happen and we had a lot of things happen and I have a feeling that Brady might get rid of another puppet soon, but lets get into the review!

So in this episode we saw Lou (Breeda Wool) to confront Brady (Harry Treadaway) to let out everything that is bottled in to see if it would make her feel any better. While confronting him, Lou let out a little memory lane info that we never thought would’ve ever happened to poor Lou. So in the memory, Lou told Brady about how she had a tricycle when she was younger and apparently the tricycle was stolen from a kid around her age who wanted her tricycle back and she proved it that it was stolen to Lou and Lou felt really bad. And she got to the point that because of that part of her memory she felt like shit, I’m really not going to sugar coat it; and that when Brady stabbed Lou last year she felt that same way again. And I think all of our hearts truly and I mean truly went out to Lou, I mean her story broke out hearts and we all felt bad for Lou. Later on we found out that Lou actually felt bad for Brady being on those hospital wires and machines, which is actually understandable if you think about it. Because Lou always saw Brady as a friend and thats why she felt bad for him because no matter the terrible things he’s done to her, he was her friend for a very long time and I think thats what really broke her heart the most is that her friend of all people did this to her and it’s something that she just can’t get over because she never expected that to have happened from a friend.

Now another thing that happened is we saw  Al (Mike Starr) getting arrested for the crime of killing Antonio’s (Maximilliano Hernandez) dog, which you could see that he was extremely pissed off about. Like he was out for blood when they went to Al’s house. Poor Al, he never got that soup from his brother. they could’ve at least let him have that soup before taking him away. But we all know the truth that it was Brady mind controlling Al, making him do all those things including killing that poor dog.

I found really interesting is that Cora (Tessa Ferrer) knew about the failed experiment test and what happened in China with the drug they are giving to Brady right now and still gave it to him and now want all the drug to be given to Brady to get rid of all evidence. But the experiment test that we learned from Cora is that China prison tried the experiment and the test group made the control group kill each other. That is insane you would think information like that would be given at the time of discussing the drug to the doctor, given that the doctor is her husband. Cora never really thought that the drug would work and force Brady to do mind control on people; but guess what it worked and people are dying a new way now.

And I’m betting by next episode Brady is going to see that Al is in police custody and force him to kill himself which will be sad because Al is really a good guy but we all know that good people never last in Stephen King stories, they are some of the first people to always die or eventually die after doing some kind of good act or anything really. My point is I have a feeling that Al is going to be the next victim in the line of murders that Brady has planned. Guess we will see very soon!

Now that Bill Hodges (Brendan Gleeson) knows about Brady being awake because of the text message he got and disappeared reveals he is conscious and knows what they are saying. But will Hodges be able to reveal that info to Antonio next episode? I think he will but we will find out!

Next Episode: Mr. Mercedes(S02E07) “Fell on Black Days” airs next Wednesday October 3, 2018 at 10/9c on Audience TV