This Is Us (S03E01) “Nine Bucks” Season Premiere

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The season premiere of This Is Us left us with joy and tearful moments but the end left us shocked.

It’s Kate, Kevin and Randall’s 38th birthday, while they celebrate it they’re dealing more than getting ready for a party. With Kate, she tells Toby that she wants to try to have another baby. After getting negative results and sees a specialist, who runs some test on her and Toby. The specialist concluded that it wouldn’t be good with her condition of weight and all, plus Toby’s depression too.

Kate takes it very hard and when she with her friends for a birthday lunch. Toby tries to cheer her up and tells her that they are other ways of having children.  But a call back from the specialist informs them that they want to try and help them have a baby. With Kate overjoy, Toby decides to stop taking his anti-depressants.

Kevin and Zoe begins their spicy relationship and Beth has a feeling that they are together. Beth promises Randall that she swear on Oprah that she wouldn’t get into those two, but she did. Beth is trying to protect Kevin from Zoe, who doesn’t have the best track record on relationships. But I think they’re gonna take it easy.

In the meantime, Randall takes Deja out to his father’s apartment building, and tells her that Beth and him would like to fully adopt her. But for that to happen she has to give her full agreement. Later she leaves the house to see her father, who works at a shop . She confronts him and tells him the almost same speech that Randall gave to his father and than asked for one thing. When Deja came back home, Randall was mad until she gave him his birthday gift, a pair of running shoes and tells him that she’s all in for them to adopted her.

As for Jack and Rebecca, we come in on the night of the unbelievable Steelers game and Jack meets Rebecca for the first time. After Rebecca sings the two talked and went out to a carnival, where Jack spends $7 out of his $9. But when it started to rain, both Rebecca and Jack were stuck with nothing to do. As Jack drives her home, he opens up to her about why he wouldn’t buy an umbrella for her. The two at first didn’t have a connection but when she leaves her sweater in his truck, that’s a sign that she wants to see him again.

But when he drives back to Rebecca but as he gets there, he sees someone else at her front door and kisses her. A total shocker, but to add even more we more forward into the future with Randall and Tess get ready. Randall calls an aged Toby, who’s alone in bed, to get him to come along too.

“Nine Bucks” was a strong season opener that dived so well into the this season. From Randall and Deja to Kate and Toby and not to mention Jack and Rebecca were such strong and emotional storylines. Yeah, it got me to grab the tissues early on but it also shocked me at the end of this episode.

I did enjoy the moments between Beth, Kevin and Zoe whether it’s Beth swearing on Oprah to Randall not to confront to two about it, but she did. Plus the Kevin is Batman comment was hilarious and still has me laughing.

I can’t wait to see what’s gonna happen this season. I think that what we are looking at with the future scene that maybe Beth and Kate might have died and Randall wants everyone to be together. And even though it was a shock, it shouldn’t since there has to be some drama with Jack and Rebecca. Jack couldn’t get her just like that, but we kind of wish he would.

Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

What did you think of the season premiere? What are your thoughts of the ending and how do you see this season going? Leave a comment!

You can catch This Is Us Tuesdays at 9/8c on NBC.