Maniac (S01E05) “Exactly Like You”


Maniac briefly breaks away from the fantasy worlds, but not before introducing us to the new shared experience between Annie (Emma Stone) and Owen (Jonah Hill). They are undercover operatives after the same “treasure”, even when operating separately, they always find a way back to each other. The scene? A 1940’s Exclusive Séance.

On the other side of the spectrum, the doctors in charge with their care have been able to pinpoint the issues. Separating them proves to be nearly impossible, especially with G.R.T.A (Sally Field) at the helm, taking control of the narrative. They need to get the super computer’s “mental breakdown” under control before disastrous results inhibit their precious experiment.

maniacs01e05 1024x682 - Maniac (S01E05) “Exactly Like You”
What’s a Séance without a well, choreographed dance? (Photo: Netflix)

The unprecedented union of minds may be a result of more than a computer glitch. It leads you to wonder if they would be having the same revelations if they were separate. They are both battling their own demons, but coming together, somehow it makes them stronger. It may be bizarre, but in this world, it just seems to fit.

G.R.T.A has not only taken over their experience, but she has also inserted herself into it. In the guise of a beloved psychic, who happens to be running the whole operation. In her grief, she has also inserted the deceased Dr. Muramoto (Rome Kanda). Include the weird, methodical dance, and you have yourself a full-blown séance.

maniacs01e052 1024x682 - Maniac (S01E05) “Exactly Like You”
Some memories cannot stay buried. (Photo: Netflix)

Annie and Owen’s other selves are on a mission of their own, to find the last chapter, the one which can help them move forward. In the battle to find answers, it becomes abundantly clear that they both have trust issues. On the outside, Dr. Fujita (Sonoya Mizuno) is trying to pry them apart, and it works for a time, but no matter what they do, they always end up back together.

It’s a sobering moment when Annie is finally extracted and woken from her trial with Pill “B”. She must dig into her inner workings, and pull out her demons. Something that has been lying dormant since the horrific passing of her sister. If Pill “B” was this intense, what does Pill “C” have in store for them?

On a side note. Will the former romantic entanglement of Dr. Fujita and Dr. Mantleray (Justin Theroux) get in the way?

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