S.W.A.T. (S02E01) “Shanky Town”


A shaky takedown

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An unexpected earthquake

Season 2 of S.W.A.T. kicks off with the team, minus Street (AlexRussel) and plus Jimmy, going after the Drummond on Metro’s top 10 most wanted. It leads them to an abandoned building, they breach and quietly, yet quickly move in. Deacon (Jay Harrington) and Tan (David Lim) go after the Haitian wingman, Sal, whilst the rest of the team go after Drummond. Hondo (Shemar Moore) and the team get into a standoff with Drummond as he holds a child hostage. But, before anything happens, an earthquake goes off… Deacon is trapped under rubble, Drummond disappeared with a child and LA Emergency Services are left scrambling.

Tan, Chris (Lina Esco) and Jimmy go to get the kids free and Hondo and Luca go after Drummond. With the smell of gas in the air, things start to escalate. Deacon and Sal have a deep conversation about why Sal is trading kids into slavery, all he wanted to do is take care of his kids. Sal helps Deacon get free and they both get out. Tan, Chris and Jimmy get all the kids free, but as one is reluctant to climb down, Tan puts him on his back and takes him down. The explosion goes off and Tan and the kid land safely on some mattresses. During all this, S.W.A.T. Command gets a helicopter to track Drummond, who’s travelling with a stab wound from the hostage. They follow him to a hospital where he gets patched up and tries to make a move on the helicopter waiting. Hondo jumps in and wrestles with an armed Drummond, whilst Luca hangs from the helicopter. Soon after, Hondo and Luca pin him down and rescue the hostage.

Budget cuts

A lady from the department came down to LA S.W.A.T. to inform them of having budget cuts, 15% to be exact. During the entire earthquake, she loses contact with her daughter. In the end, Captain Cortez (Stephanie Sigman) and Commander Hicks (Patrick St. Eprit) have her brought to her, as a gesture of good faith. But even after all she saw with the way they helped with triage and rescue, she didn’t change her mind. These cut in costs will put S.W.A.T. at a massive disadvantage and it might even put lives in danger, yet it has to happen.

New lives

At the beginning of the episode, we see Street challenge a biker to a race for $3k. But, he loses and doesn’t have the cash to pay. They beat him up and strip his bike down for parts. Street calls Chris to pick him, but it comes not without a lecture from her. Street finds in a difficult change from S.W.A.T. to patrol. In the midst of an earthquake, he pulls off a heroic save to prevent a girl from being killed. We also see Hondo and Deputy DA Wells spontaneously meet and have drinks, which lead to them sleeping together. He finds out a lot about her, including she’s soon to be divorced from a US Marshall and working on a huge case – embezzlement and bribery. After the events of the earthquake, Hondo finds out she’s in hospital and goes to pay her a visit. Only to find her husband there, who seems to have a now different idea of the divorce.

The episode ended with Chris waiting for Hondo outside his house. Chris helps Hondo clean up after the events of the earthquake. Chris showed up to talk about Street. But Hondo said only if Street is willing to change.


Season 2 was a nice beginning. S.W.A.T. is a very middle of the pack series, but something I enjoy. It rarely has many “episode-fillers’ – episodes that just need to be put in to add an episode. And it also has good peaks. I look forward to the season ahead.

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