The Gifted (S02E01) “eMergence”

Welcome back folks! This week we are graced by the return of The Gifted, and boy oh boy was it good. We pick up a few months after the events of season one, and there have been many changes for our now split crew. Andy (Percy Hynes White) and Polaris (Emma Dummont) have new looks which I frankly adore. Andy has grown into himself and appears to be confident, while Lorna seems to have softened with pregnancy. Of course, things never go smoothly for either side.

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The two main storylines of the episode were both rich with character moments and growth, a testament to the fantastic writing by The Gifted team. While I will always be partial to Lorna’s storylines, I truly felt for Kate (Amy Acker) as she frantically searched for Andy. We know he is safe, but that isn’t information she has. Motherhood was a strong theme this episode, especially with Lorna finally giving birth. It was a bit saddening that Marcos (Sean Teale) wasn’t there, but to his credit, he did try. I hope that they can all be reunited under positive circumstances but I doubt everything will be sunshine and rainbows; or Aurora Borealis’ in their case. Also, how cute and fitting is Dawn as a name?!

Honestly I couldn’t have asked for a better premiere for the second season. I can already tell that we are going to be in for a crazy ride. I have a feeling we are going to continue to see new mutants joining the family as it progresses which is always welcome.