The Goldbergs (S06E01) “Sixteen Candles”

The Goldbergs (S06E01) “Sixteen Candles”

Our favorite family in 1980-something is back on TV for another season! The season premiere starts off with Adam, who, as much as he wants to relive the movie Sixteen Candles, is very surprised when his family actually forgets his birthday. Beverly and Murray are too busy with their other two kids: college dropout Erica and recently engaged Barry.

Beverly tries to scare Barry and Lainey by showing them how it is to be responsible adults. In true Beverly fashion this plan backfires when the couple starts talking about kids. Beverly changes her mind directly and is immediately interested about having little Barry grand kids. To celebrate their engagement, Barry, Lainey and Beverly go to Atlantic City. Murray and Lainey’s father Bill join as well, to talk them out of the idea.

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At first, Barry and Lainey are excited about getting Bev’s approval and just go along with it. However when they find out what it means to have all her support, they back out. Lainey doesn’t want Beverly to be her smother-in-law and runs off. Barry gets mad at his mother and tries to find Lainey. With a little help from Murray, who feels sorry for Barry after hearing what Beverly did, Lainey is back in. Beverly also apologizes to Barry and Lainey and tells them she just got carried away because all her kids are all grown up now.

Back at the house Adam, Emmy and Dave Kim want to throw a big party for Adam’s birthday and now that he has slipped his parents’ attention, it can be as big as the party on Sixteen Candles. Because they have no party experience, they ask Erica for help. Erica is happy to help her little brother because if their parents find out about the party, it will distract them from the high electric bill caused by her band.

The party is a success and even includes some of the Sixteen Candles highlights like a pizza on the record player, foam in the vent and of course major structural damage. Adam, afraid of getting in trouble, doesn’t want the party anymore and tries to give it back to Erica who of course refuses to admit the party is hers. But when she finds out it’s Adam’s birthday, she feels bad about what she did and makes up for it by actually creating a party Adam likes.

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It is so good to have this show back after 4 months of hiatus. And what a great way to start the new season. This episode had a lot of ground to cover after Barry and Lainey’s engagement in the season 5 finale, but I think the premiere tackled that well. It had the right balance between Adam’s party, with its high level of Sixteen Candles references, and Barry and Lainey’s controversial engagement.

There were a lot of great returning characters in this episode, like Dave Kim and Ruben Amaro Jr. But my favorite thing of this whole episode was Wendi McLendon-Covey. She just killed it in every scene (and OMG, can we talk about the hair??!) and even though Beverly will be a smother in every episode, she finds a way to make it hilarious every time.

Season 6 is off to a great start. I wonder what will happen to Barry and Lainey and how the couple’s engagement will develop. And, even though we didn’t see much off Erica’s band in this episode, I am very curious to see what will happen to The Dropouts. And of course, as Adam’s voice over says in the end: “This year really would be one I’d never forget.”: I can’t wait to see what’s in store for The Goldbergs this year!

Happy birthday Alden Goldfinch! Tune in again next week, October 3rd, at 8/7c on ABC for a new episode of The Goldbergs!

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