Wynonna Earp (S03E10) “The Other Woman”

Previously on Wynonna Earp…

Wynonna Earp (Melanie Scrofano) battled Bulshar (Jean Marchand) in a video game-styled dreamscape. While there, she appealed to Bobo’s (Michael Eklund) humanity for help against the former Sheriff Clootie. Waverly (Dominique Provost-Chalkley) melted a revenant’s face and healed Mercedes’ (Dani Kind) face with her demon/angel ring. Bulshar needs The Tower a.k.a. Peacemaker to get into The Garden and after Bulshar reveals the graves of her found family, Wynonna gives it to him willingly in hopes to save them from that fate.

“The Other Woman” is another spectacular episode with brilliant cast performances. It’s wonderfully directed by April Mullen, who did last week’s beautiful episode, and amazingly written by Noelle Carbone, who wrote the WynHaught episode. Carbone does a great job balancing between the comedic beats of the B-storyline of Doc, possessed Nicole and Jeremy and the drama-driven A-storyline of Waverly and Wynonna’s hunt for a secret weapon. Of course, Mullen masterfully executes all this to give a solid episode leading into the penultimate episode.

Flashback to Purgatory, 1887

Father Juan Carlo (Shaun Johnston) recites a story to his assistant, Maeve (Sydney John), that she writes down in his journal. But they are interrupted by Bobo, or currently known as Robert Svane in 1887. He warns him that Wyatt Earp is on his way and JC hopes they will be spared from Bulshar’s deadly plans. JC requests Maeve to hide his notebook and keep it safe. JC tells Robert they must get Peacemaker to the champion, which all this vague talk will make sense later.

Wynonna watchs Bobo in his cage - Wynonna Earp (S03E10) "The Other Woman"
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During this entire sequence, we see flashes of present-day Bobo in his see-through cage before we cut to present day in the BBD offices as Bobo rambles to an exhausted Wynonna, who needs a solution to stop Bulshar without Peacemaker. Waverly and Jeremy (Varun Saranga) arrive with coffee. The Earp sisters chat about no new leads and Waverly expresses her worry for Wynonna’s entire well-being with Doc’s current vampire state and Peacemaker gone. Wynonna bolts because research is Waverly and Jeremy’s thing but not before Waverly reminds her that she’s still the Heir.

Enemies of the Heir, Beware!

In a mine outside of Purgatory, Anna Silk arrives in a hazmat suit and challenges the Chosen One while nobody is around, including said Chosen One.

At the BBD offices, Jeremy attempts to raise morale by joking about his gams and making Game of Thrones references. But Waverly’s spirits are a bit low with the impending apocalyptic doom. The two go over their research board, recap style. Bobo interrupts to provide a clue while banging against his terrarium for freedom.

Wynonna returns to the Homestead and hears hammering in their barn. She thinks it’s Doc but nope, it’s Charlie (Sebastian Pigott), fixing her lawnmower, so the Earp’s are ready for spring. Too bad apocalyptic doom is on its way. He jokes with her and it’s exactly what she needs right now so she hugs him. Like a good solid 30 second hug. He’s surprised but Wynonna shushes him.

Waverly questions Bobo and he tells her to go to Doc. He tells her to ask about a witch, who Father Juan Carlo once defended. And then Bobo dissolves back into his mad ramblings. Nicole (Katherine Barrell) arrives to their terrarium party, attempts to joke about kicking balls, and agrees to find Doc per Waverly’s request. That witch—her name might be Maeve and Doc might know where to find her.

Meet Kevin a.k.a. Anna Silk: Member of a Secret Org of World Savers
Anna Silk as Kevin on Wynonnas porch - Wynonna Earp (S03E10) "The Other Woman"
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Meanwhile, Wynonna drinks a beer and downloads Charlie on their apocalyptic doom. Bulshar turned people into trees and used them to find the Garden. Now, they may all be screwed because Wynonna regifted Peacemaker to Bulshar. Outside the barn, a car door slams. The pair go out to investigate and find Anna Silk’s Kevin on the front porch. Kevin slams a quick defensive chop against Wynonna’s throat and informs her that she’s here to help her save the world.

At Shorty’s, Doc (Tim Rozon) buys a bag of blood. In a poor attempt to conceal his blood-sucking nature, he bites through the brown bag and blood bag with his back turned from his patrons but still semi-out in the open. He’s so bad at hiding it that even from a distance Nicole notices the brown bag. She assumes it’s liquor but the blood around his mouth alerts her otherwise. She asks if he recognizes Maeve, which of course he does. She’s an ancestor of Mattie the Blacksmith & Wedding Officiator between Waverly and her skull and Gretta Perley, who wished Wynonna to never exist in hopes to save her twin sister but got a worse alternate reality instead.

Nicole and Doc at Shortys - Wynonna Earp (S03E10) "The Other Woman"
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Before they leave Shorty’s, Doc warns Nicole that he is hungry and offers his weapons in case he crosses a line. But Nicole has it covered. She has wooden bullets in her belt, just in case. Honestly, I should’ve seen where this episode was going with Doc. This conversation between them is such a huge moment of foreshadowing.

Wynonna Earp v.s. Kevin: Round 2

At the Homestead, Wynonna and Kevin go head-to-head. Three seasons in and Wynonna still doesn’t do authority. Kevin scoffs about how Wynonna is their last chance, and scolds her clothing choice and poor decisions. However, Kevin knows about a weapon they could wield to defeat Bulshar but it’ll come at a cost like most things do. However, Kevin refuses to say more until the civilian a.k.a. Charlie leaves. Wynonna doesn’t hesitate to escort Mr. Fireman out the door while he pulls the biggest butt hurt guilt trip. However, Wynonna will have none of it because apocalyptic doom takes priority. He can mow her lawn in the spring if she can save the world.

Inside, Waverly arrives home to meet Kevin, who’s snacking on a pickle. I don’t like pickles so watching Anna Silk chomp into that thing like a chip makes me cringe slightly. Anyways, she hilariously asks if Waverly’s boyfriend tells her what to do and the look on Waverly’s face is priceless. This is the 2nd time this season that someone has made the boyfriend/husband assumption. Wynonna returns and introduces Kevin as part of this Mysterious Organization of World Savers, which sounds so incredibly fake that it’s funny. Waverly stares at her, trying to discern if she’s actually trustworthy. Spoiler alert: she’s only half-trustworthy.

I’m Ride or Die for this Amazing Sh*tshow
Wynonna Waverly and Kevin discuss plan - Wynonna Earp (S03E10) "The Other Woman"
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As they arrive at the Perley home, Doc informs Nicole that Maeve was burned at the stake for helping women with female things, like childbirth and not being able to have children. Meanwhile at the Earp Homestead, Waverly nibbles a pickle. I’m not sure if this was an acting choice by Provost-Chalkley, direction from April Mullen, or written in Noelle Carbone’s script but it’s highly amusing. Basically, it seems Waverly doesn’t actually want to eat the pickle but Kevin told them to and now she’s stuck with this pickle she didn’t actually want. Kevin reveals the secret weapon is Bulshar’s arm and the only person who can retrieve it is the champion.

There’s a really fun sequence between Wynonna and Waverly, which cuts back and forth with loud swooping noises as they bounce off each other with their ideal weapon wishes, such as a flamethrower. I feel like we should start a petition to get a flamethrower on Season 4, if the Earp sisters don’t get one by the end of the season. Also, I love the fact that it’s automatically assumed that “the champion” is synonymous with the Heir, but this is why I love the Wynonna Earp writers. They are chock full of surprises.

Anyways, Waverly pouty lips her way into this mission and the Earp sister “Ride or Die” out of there. Kevin sticks behind while ominously betting they’ll die. See, she’s only half-trustworthy! At the Perley home, Nicole and Doc discover Gretta has skipped town. Since it’s perpetual winter in Purgatory, Doc goes to start a fire to warm the house while they search for JC’s journal. But the Fire Witch Maeve appears as the fire. Doc introduces himself and she calls him Wyatt Earp’s boyfriend. Which yeah of course, we already knew. Constance, back in Season 1, stated she went after Doc because he was what Wyatt loved most.

Have I Told You How Talented Katherine Barrell is!?

Anyways, Maeve acts like a teenage girl and refuses to give over JC’s journal. The world can end for all she cares. She’s stuck in this fire for all eternity. Nicole jumps in, thinking maybe she can reason with her, girl to girl. But no, instead Maeve possesses her. Katherine Barrell was a scene stealer last week. For all the impending doom hanging over this episode, her facial expressions are outrageous and comedic timing was fantastic.

Wynonna and Waverly at the mine - Wynonna Earp (S03E10) "The Other Woman"
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Meanwhile, Waverly and Wynonna approach another Purgatory mine. Wynonna pokes fun at Waverly’s mitt but it’s keeping them safe and she borrowed it from Mercedes, who’s back in town. At the Perley home, Doc demands Maeve leave Nicole’s body but possessed Nicole recognizes he’s undead. Apparently, Maeve needs a fresh dead body to move into so she tempts Doc by cutting Nicole’s finger for fresh blood. She needs him to kill Nicole so she can officially take over.

At the mine, a radioactive revenant (Dre Viergever) roars to life and storms out to confront the Earp sisters. Possessed Nicole rubs blood on her neck to lure Doc. But Doc thankfully refuses. Nicole is his friend and we don’t eat friends. He learned this the hard way already. Maeve demands another body but it must be fresh so he must kill whoever right in front of her to avoid organ failure. That’s still going to be a no. Back at the BBD offices, Jeremy and Robin enjoy some fried potatoes while Bobo watches them in his terrarium. Doc calls Jeremy, who doesn’t really want to talk to him since Doc tried to eat his boyfriend. But Nicole’s possession takes priority.

Our Lucky day – One Armed Clint becomes Two Armed Clint

Since there’s no Peacemaker, Waverly fires her gun into the revenant’s shoulder. But sorry, no Peacemaker, no sending back to Hell. However, Waverly recognizes him. He’s One Armed Clint, but not so much one armed anymore. He stole Bulshar’s arm—yes the same arm Wynonna and Waverly were sent to retrieve. At the Perley house, Jeremy arrives to assist. Again, Katherine freakin’ Barrell. This scene is hilarious. Maeve considers giving Nicole a pixie cut, reveals Nicole’s Victoria’s Secret bra preference (the boys cover their eyes for that one), and grins maniacally.

Maeve eyeballs Jeremy. She hoped for broad shoulders, but his eyebrows are on point so she fireball spits into his mouth and takes over. However, Jeremy is apparently unfit because he’s not purely human. Which cue fan theories. What in Julian’s name is Jeremy if he’s not fully human? We know he has a 6th sense when it comes to his friends. Did BBD experiment on him too? I feel like these are going to be Season 4 answers, which means I’m more pumped for next season because possible Jeremy backstory. Anyways, Maeve fireball spits herself back to Nicole, who was attempting to re-button herself back up.

Possessed Nicole on the floor - Wynonna Earp (S03E10) "The Other Woman"
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ADorable, Possessed Nicole & Jazzy Bonding Time

Possessed Nicole sits on the floor like a small child, threatening to be troublesome but not quite doing anything just yet. When Jeremy doubts she may have JC’s journal, she chokes it up through Nicole’s throat and tosses it to them. At the mine, Waverly’s out of bullets and Wynonna burns her hand from stabbing radioactive Clint with her car keys. While they panic about having no weapons and now no car keys, Wynonna faints. Now, tiny Waverly half-carries Wynonna back to Purgatory, specifically to the Gardner house.

Robin lets Bobo listen to jazz - Wynonna Earp (S03E10) "The Other Woman"
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Currently on Bobo watch, Robin lightly naps with a gun pointed at the terrarium. Bobo tells him to relax; he’s not going anywhere. And then they proceed to bond over Jazz while Robin contemplates the complexity of Bobo Del Rey—is he a good guy or a bad guy. Meanwhile, things at the Perley house aren’t any better. The one journal entry seems legitimate, but Maeve refuses to hand over the rest of the journal until they give her Nicole’s body. But that’s not up for negotiation.

I’m going to keep saying this, but seriously Barrell continues to shine in these scenes. She has to play Nicole who’s possessed by Maeve, who is a teenage ghost witch. Barrell has been impressive this season and has showcased a lot of range with Nicole’s storylines thus far. Anyways, Maeve continues her demands and says she’ll burn the book if they’re not met. She tempts Doc again, but Jeremy pulls him away. They realize she can’t burn anything without a body and Maeve’s eyes slip to the fireplace.

Bingo! Doc reaches into it while Jeremy holds off a possessed Nicole. Doc finds it, but Maeve pulls out Nicole’s gun. She threatens them, but Doc points out she won’t get her freshly killed body so she points the gun at herself a.k.a. Nicole’s head. The boys remind her if she kills Nicole in such a messy fashion, she’ll never be able to live in that body because messy bullet wound in head is a scary sight for any sane-minded human being, even in Purgatory. Maeve fireball spits out of Nicole’s body in anger and starts a fire in her home because if she can’t have a body, nobody’s getting out of there alive with that journal.

Oh Hey, It’s Dani Freakin’ Kind! Again!
Mercedes with her new face - Wynonna Earp (S03E10) "The Other Woman"
Dani Freakin’ Kind.
source: IDW Entertainment distribution/SyFy network

The Earp sisters arrive at the Gardner house and Wynonna tries to kick the door down but Mercedes (Dani Kind) swings it open before the damage can be done. The Earp sisters immediately notice Mercedes’ face, fully healed by Waverly’s angel ring touch. They all catch up like long-lost friends, gossiping over how good-looking they are. Mercedes invites them in like they’re about to have a sleepover and not being chased by a radioactive demon. I absolutely love these three.

The fire department arrives at the Perley house, which means Charlie bursts in to save the day. The Earp sisters begin to barracade the Gardner house while Mercedes comments on Waverly’s angel touch and Wynonna jokes about her sister’s clear ginger fetish. I snort-laughed at that line. Obviously the barricade doesn’t work and the Revenant Clint kicks the door open. He tosses Wynonna across the room. Waverly attempts to melt his face like the week previously, but her ring doesn’t protect her from the radioactive toxin and he smacks her across the room. Wynonna steps in but he lifts her in a choke hold. Waverly smashes a chair so he releases Wynonna but goes after Waverly again. Wynonna grabs on Bulshar’s arm and Waverly yells at her ring to actually work for once.

She throws up her hand in frustration, only to realize the ring controls the arm. She forces One (Two) Arm Clint to choke himself. After he passes out, Wynonna and Waverly tug at Bulshar’s arm and rip it off his body. It’s really gross. Meanwhile, Charlie rescues Doc from the burning building. But you know that piece of foreshadowing I mentioned earlier at Shorty’s, when Doc requested Nicole put him down if he tried to attack her. Well, here is the delivery. It may not be Nicole but Charlie is still a friend and Doc attacks him because he’s hungry and drained.

Wynonna and Waverly on the Gardner floor - Wynonna Earp (S03E10) "The Other Woman"
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Waverly Earp: The EArpiest Angel Champion

Kevin arrives at the Gardner house, impressed that the sisters completed her wild mission. But Bulshar’s arm isn’t the weapon. It was a test—a test to see if Waverly was truly the champion—and she is.

Let’s stop for a second and remember back in Season 1: when we meet Waverly, she shows off all her research but the one thing she couldn’t figure out was how she could break the Earp curse. Not Wynonna but herself. When the sisters faced the Barber and Wynonna needed to seek forgiveness from Waverly, we learn that Waverly is upset that Wynonna gets to be the Heir because Waverly dedicated her life to the Earp curse research. In Season 2, not only is she not the Heir but she isn’t even an Earp, which means she never even had the chance to become the Heir.

And now, Waverly is the champion; she finally gets her chance to be the chosen one. This is such a gratifying and rewarding character moment after 3 seasons of development.

Outside the Perley house, Doc hangs over Charlie’s body, looking regretful. Nicole stumbles over to help, thinking Charlie is simply down due to the fire, but then she notices the bite marks and blood on his neck. There’s still one more scene left for her, but massive round of applause to Katherine Barrell and Tim Rozon for this heartbreaking scene.

Doc with regret after killing Charlie - Wynonna Earp (S03E10) "The Other Woman"
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That’s gonna Be One Long Road of Redemption

Nicole finally breaks and snaps at Doc. He tries to defend his nature, but Nicole informs him that she was the only one still willing to handle him, the only friend he had left. She pulls out her gun and points at him. He killed an innocent person and that’s a line he can’t uncross. She’s devastated because she failed to handle Doc and his hunger. She failed to protect her friend and he lost his life. Now, technically none of this is her fault. This is on Doc, but Nicole wouldn’t be Nicole if she didn’t take upon this burden. It’s why she’s such a great character.

Nicole threatens to kill Doc if she ever sees him again and she lowers her weapon. As Doc walks away, he chuckles and it appears Maeve may have possessed him. Possession or not, I do wonder how in control Doc was when Charlie rescued him. Also, Charlie’s death by Doc’s teeth will not go over well with Wynonna.

At the Gardner house, Kevin reveals that Waverly’s angel/demon ring was stolen by Bulshar from Julian, Waverly’s father. Apparently, Julian and Bulshar were the original two haters. Anyways, Julian and JC were in charge to protect the Garden. The group realize Bulshar was the Snake in the Garden. You know, the evil snake that lured Eve to eat an apple from the tree they weren’t suppose to mess with at all. Because Waverly can wield Julian’s ring, there is hope to defeat Bulshar. At the BBD’s office, Nicole, Jeremy and Robin look over JC’s journal and realize the Blood Eclipse is the next chance they’ll have to lock away Bulshar again. Which is apparently tomorrow.

Waverly worried about her fate - Wynonna Earp (S03E10) "The Other Woman"
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But There’s a catch…There’s Always a Catch

As Kevin leaves, the Earp sisters ask what Waverly needs to do in order to lock away Bulshar. Apparently, she needs to take her seat at her father’s throne and it will lock up the Garden once more. But the Earp sisters know there’s more and Wynonna hounds Kevin for the truth. Look, I’m happy that Waverly is the champion, but I’m now on the edge of my seat, hoping for another way. Honestly any other way but this. If Waverly sits on her father’s throne, she’ll save the world but it’ll cost her her life—she’ll turn to stone.

Kevin points out that isn’t the loss of one life worth all of humanity. Wynonna immediately nixes this plan because she’s not sacrificing her baby sister. Even Waverly isn’t sure she can do this. Honestly, Waverly is Wynonna’s entire world so no, the sacrifice of Waverly’s life isn’t worth all of humanity because Wynonna would lose her life as well. Back at the Sheriff’s department, Nicole hovers over Charlie’s body, waiting for Maeve to appear. But she’s not in Charlie’s body. He’s dead and the Fire Witch is still out there, most likely in Doc, but they don’t know that yet.

The Earp Sisters v.s. The World

At the Homestead, the Earp sisters sit on the floor and contemplate the decision ahead. I said it last week, but Melanie Scrofano continues to be underrated and phenomenal. Her and Provost-Chalkley are amazing in this scene together. Actually, they’re amazing in every scene together. Wynonna requests for this one time that she’s allowed to be selfish and not have to sacrifice everything to defeat the Big Bad. She’s already lost Alice. She can’t lose Waverly too because her sister is her light and the reason she keeps going. Remember back in Episode 3 this season: “You’re my favorite person in the whole wide world, baby girl. And once we’ve defeated Bulshar, you’re stuck with me. Forever.” Wynonna meant it.

Waverly comforts Wynonna at the end - Wynonna Earp (S03E10) "The Other Woman"
source: IDW Entertainment distribution/SyFy network

They hug and the lighting in this scene is beautiful. It almost surrounds them like a halo. There’s a ton of tears and Waverly reminds her (and us): “Being an Earp sucks balls.” And I’m not crying but hopefully another alternative shows up like Julian to take back his throne and do his actual job.

And then they realize it’s 9 p.m. in the middle of winter and the sun has yet to set. Welcome to apocalypse. There’s a knock on the door at the Gardner house. Mercedes opens it, expecting her date, but nobody seems to be there. She sighs and thinks she’s been ghosted until a hand covers her mouth and tugs her away. Is Bulshar grabbing people to prepare his Army for the impending doom?

We’re about to find out this Friday on SyFy/Space at 9 p.m. Eastern for the last Wynonna Earp Friday until next season. It’s a double-header so it’s two hours of crazy Earpiness, which I don’t think anyone is emotionally prepared for. But don’t miss it and remember to vote for Wynonna Earp in the PCA’s.