Chicago Med (S04E01) “Be My Better Half” Season Premiere

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The season premiere of Chicago Med gave us answers, drama, emotions and some shocking surprises.

The episode picks up after the season finale with Reese seeing Charles on his knees while her dad is on the floor having a heart attack. Quickly, Charles tells Reese about what he knows and they take the CPD to her father’s warehouse where he has kept evidence of his killings. Reese leaves after Charles apologies.

A few days later, Reese was a no show during morning rounds and Charles was wondering where she could be, if she’s okay. She comes in later still mad and tells Charles that she has decided to leave Med and complete her resident at another hospital.

Did Natalie give her answers to Will after he popped the question? Well apparently, she did give him an answer and it was yes, even though it took about a week to give him the answer. Will is all excited and tries to plan everything, but Natalie would just want a small wedding.

Well, with wedding plans in the works, both Natalie and Will treated a man, who’s been deaf since he was a kid, came in after getting sick. His fiance believes that it was the ear plants that he had put in, but it doesn’t look like it.  When the test results came back, they informed him that he has usher syndrome, which is  genetics, and that was also going to lose his sight.

Upset at first, he didn’t want his fiance to know about it, but she did anyway because she loves him and cares for him. And even thought she was against the eye plant device, she went along with it so that two of them can be their eyes and ears.

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Rhodes and Ava share some moments throughout the episode, one being that maybe he should stay and work out with this relationship. After treating a man, who’s heart’s aorta, tried to save him but failed and wrote up a proposal that the ED should have a surgical room. At first it didn’t go thought thanks to the new COO, Gwen Garrett, who pretty much didn’t think it was good for her agenda for Med. But the proposal was passed thanks to an unknown donor, Rhodes’ father thanks to Ava. It might have fixed the surgical problem but it might be costing Sharon to see the true side of Gwen.

Choi tries to talk with April about his sister that she’s been going to AA meetings and getting help. Emily apologizes to April and it seems that things are lightly forgiven. That is until Emily comes in the ED sick and learns that she’s pregnant. It didn’t go well with Choi and after talking with April it might be for the best to help her through it.

After Reese leaving, Charles didn’t have a good day, from writing down his notes, which I believe were his thoughts on the whole Reese and her father thing. To even going at it with a med student, who sedated a patient, who was a bit wild and crazy. But later he meet with Reese’s father, who’s in a prison and tells him that Reese is gone and won’t be seeing him again. After he gives Charles crappy speech, Charles comes up to him and tells him that he’ll ask his doctor to adjust the anti-depressants, which is probably for the best.

“Be My Better Half” was an amazing season opener. This episode had some shocking moments, mainly that Sarah Reese is leaving Med. Rachel DiPillo was one of my favorite actress on the show. She’s such a strong, innocent person, who embraces to learning the human condition. And her and Dr. Charles mentor and mentee relationship was one of the best in this series. But I understand that it was a storyline thing.

I enjoyed the emotional side and humorist moments of #Manstead in this episode from them treating the usher syndrome patient, which had some heartbreaking moments but yet uplifting moments as well. But watching Will bug Natalie about the wedding stuff over and over was like “damn, I didn’t think men care about this stuff!” But apparently he wants a big wedding, let’s have a big wedding.

I think the Ava and Conner relationship will grow slowly this season. I would like them to be together but she’s a bit of a mystery to me with her seeing Conner’s dad to be the donor of the new surgical room in the ED. And I think that Ethan and Choi are back together thanks to Emily, who help break them up in the season finale.

Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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