MacGyver (S03E01) “Improvise”

MacGyver is back with its third season premiere, and it doesn’t take long for the action to begin. Before MacGyver’s (Lucas Till) new life gets interrupted by his estranged father (Tate Donovan), we see the serene and happy place he seems to be in. Including a lovely woman by his side, but his idyllic dream soon gets disrupted. Jack (George Eads) is in trouble, and the only one who can save him from his untimely demise is MacGyver. Spoilers Ahead.

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New Season. New Look. (Photo: Screenshot)
Ready, Set, Go!

No matter the distance, the bonds between these characters has transfixed time and all the miles between. Loyalty goes a long way, although it’s MacGyver’s father who brings him into the time-sensitive mission, there is no way he can walk away from potentially saving Jack’s life. With a cold shoulder, MacGyver is ready for some action. The team works better when they are all together, and Leanna ( Reign Edwards) is proving to be quite the asset.

This episode isn’t lacking in the action department either. The sequences keep the viewer on the edge of their seats while holding a collective breath watching and waiting. The writers have always had a knack of keeping fans on their toes. It’s safe to say that one must expect the unexpected, but it’s better that way.

At a first glance, it seems as though Jack has gone rogue, but that goes against every fiber of his being. There is always something more complicated hidden in plain sight, it’s never simple. So much has changed over the months, but it doesn’t change the dynamics. Aside from MacGyver’s father, but some things can’t be so easily overlooked, or forgotten.

It doesn’t take long for MacGyver and Jack to get reunited, it’s safe to say that the bromance is still intact. It seems that they were lost without MacGyver around, almost as if he is the glue that which binds them together. The celebration doesn’t take long to get turned around though, it’s MacGyver’s father who is now in danger. This episode doesn’t give the viewer much reprieve before the next shocking moment occurs.

MacGyver Episode 1 Season 3 Improvise 1 - MacGyver (S03E01) “Improvise”
Reunited and it feels so good! Mac and Jack! (Photo: Screenshot)
Moving On?

With MacGyver’s ingenuity and Matty’s (Meredith Eaton) insight, it doesn’t take them long to rectify an otherwise deadly situation. Oh and the teamwork doesn’t hurt either, they seem to work like a well-oiled machine. Another crisis averted, another life saved, and another happy ending? Well, if only that was the truth. Oversight is a huge hurdle, it’s either him or MacGyver.

MacGyver isn’t ready to leave his new life behind, with Jack safe he’s ready to say goodbye again. His heart is elsewhere, it’s bittersweet but it can’t be forever. Sadly it isn’t. In an unexpected turn of events, Murdoc ( David Dastmalchian) gets the jump on them, and unfortunately also on Jill (Kate Bond), who is caught in the crosshairs and pays with her life. It’s heartbreaking and shocking.

Talk about a cliffhanger. It seems as though MacGyver is bound to this madness, and his dream of a quiet life may never be. Murdoc has made that abundantly clear. If this episode can tell us anything, it’s that this is going to be one hell of a season and no one is safe from harm.

Next Episode airs on Friday, October 5th on CBS at 8/7c. “Bravo Lead + Loyalty + Friendship”