Chicago PD (S06E01) “New Normal” Season Premiere

NUP 183859 0126 FULL 300x200 - Chicago PD (S06E01) "New Normal" Season Premiere

With Voight being benched, tensions grow on the team to find the seller of bad drugs in the season premiere of Chicago PD.

“New Normal” picks off a few days after Al’s death and killing murderers. When Voight gets a call of an overdose kid at a park.  He gets confronted by the commander, who tells him that he’s suspended due to the investigation on that shooting.

When Voight tells the intelligence team about it. It puts tension between Antonio and Ruzek, throughout the episode as they try to find the dirty dope. With Antonio’s good cop ways and leading the team, it’s slowing the process where more and more kids were dying. It leads to Ruzek to ask Voight for help, which he did.

After arresting a suspect, he  wouldn’t speak to Halstead and Antonio. Voight threaten the suspect to tell where the dope is at or he’ll burn the money. After he did, Ruzek tells Antonio and after making multiple arrests, the tension between Adam and Antonio top the cap and the two fought.

Antonio visits Voight at the bar to confront about what had happen. Voight tells him that all he was trying to do was help them get the bad dope off the street.  And Voight explains to Antonio that he needs him on the team, he’s good at being the good clean cop.  And after that Voight meets with the commander, once again and talked.

After Voight’s suspension lifted after finding the video of him making a clean shoot and in-exchange gets, Al’s pension to his wife and daughter. And after hugging and shaking hands, Voight tells the team that we need to stick together as a team and as a family.  But didn’t tell them his agreement with the commander on helping solve special cases.

Soon, we get to Al’s funeral and Al’s widow didn’t want Voight there. So as the intelligence team carries Al’s casket to the hearse, we see everyone, including Voight, salute one last time to our beloved Al.

This was an amazing season opener and pretty much tells us what we are in for for the season. I just feel we are going to see more tension moments in this intelligence team. The writing was strong, the performance from the cast was amazing. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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