Alterna Comics: Tinseltown (Issue 04)

Okay guys and gals we had another great issue from the creator David Lucarelli, this entire series has been a fantastic story that I’ve always been excited to read more of. And I am so glad to give you guys another review to another great issue!

For those who have been following my reviews on Tinseltown you know the story by now, but those who haven’t here’s a break down of the story so far. Our main heroine Abigail wanted to become a police officer like her father but sadly that wasn’t going to happen not yet anyway. Given information about becoming a police officer but instead become a security guard on the premises of a Hollywood town known as Tinseltown. Abigail has a deal with the supervisor, if she can last two weeks without an incident she will be able to have a chance at becoming an actual police officer in the city of Los Angeles. But fail and she will have to stay as a security guard or go home. In the time of being an security guard she has put out fires, saved a person from jumping to their death, made friends but could be more eventually, and even found her friend Betty who went missing but reappeared pregnant, and now you are all caught up with this issue.

I was really surprised by what happened with Betty in this issue, like I feel like these actions are going to drive Abigail even more harder now to become a real police officer to help stop the crime, corruption, suicides, and even greed. And that was one of Betty’s problems she became a victim to greed and even became an addict. But the issue was pretty much all about Abigail trying to find out what happened to Betty and when she found out what happened to her it sent her into an anger that will make her want to demand more for justice than ever. I wont tell you what happened, because you need to find out for yourself. But reading this issue I’m thinking Abigail is going to make it to becoming a police officer. I would love to see this series happen with more issues but that all depends on the creators and the fans, we all have a voice and once we use that voice to say what we want it can do wonders, I mean look at all the TV Shows that have gotten second chances because of fans giving in their voices, same thing can be done for comics.

Like I’ve said in the past, we haven’t had that many period pieces that are comic books that really exist that have good stories, besides Wonder Woman; Tinseltown is the second period piece that I have seriously loved. It wouldn’t surprise me if someone chose to try to make a television series or a movie based off of Tinseltown cause it really is a wonderful story. And with the story being based off of Lucarelli’s mother in her times it’s even more interesting! But as long as these comics keep coming I’ll keep writing awesome reviews about the issues. It’s a comic story that I truly loved and it’s hard to say that I love a lot of comic stories that are indie comic creators but this one I love.

Which once again brings me to my next point, to all of the women today who choose to serve the Army, Marines, Air Force, Navy, Police, CIA, FBI, etc. you all are counted as heroes in my book, and this comic series does justice to that. It brings us to a time when women didn’t have that freedom and any woman that wanted that freedom had to fight for it. So for all the women in the past and present that have served I salute to you for doing a great service, you are the ones who help show strength when others do not and we all are honored to know someone in that area.

My next point is if you know anyone who is fighting addiction, or any kind of problems; male or female it doesn’t matter, we all have problems and sometimes we need someone to listen when others wont listen. Don’t be afraid to look for help, there are crisis hotlines now that can help you in any situations; all you have to do is call there’s no need to take your life or go insane over these situations you may have, all it takes is one action to help someone and if they are too afraid to do it themselves then be that helping hand and help them get in touch with the hotline. Saving a life matters, and it’s something to always remember my readers!

Overall this issue was an amazing issue, David Lucarelli, the creator of the series did another great issue and I am becoming a great fan of his work! He has chosen to do each issue very smart to keep the readers hooked onto his stories and hopefully I can do the same one day with the comic stories that I always come up with. Henry Ponciano did another great job with the inking and coloring and drawing of the characters. I am always impressed with the amount of work that goes into always having to ink and color the characters and to capture the right looks of the characters, thats always an important thing but its good though. And I’m glad to call myself a fan of Henry Ponciano and David Lucarelli.

For anyone who loves period pieces or cop mysteries or both then Tinseltown is the right kind of comic for you! And because there was a delay and this issue is coming out this month October instead of September, I’m guessing we should expect the final issue somewhere around November or December!

Next Issue: Alterna Comics: Tinseltown (Issue 05) releases either November or December, details will come out eventually!