BALLERS (S04E08) “The Devil You Know”

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In this second to the last episode of Ballers, The NCAA board of trustees are doing some heavy snooping on Mr. Spencer Strasmore (Dwayne Johnson) and his “nephew,”  Quincy “Q” Crawford (Eli Goree).  If you recall last weeks episode the Buckeyes laid the hammer down on Spencer when they discovered that he  was diverting the superstar athletes decision to attend USC. Well in this episode the sh** has hiteth the faneth! Okay take a deep breath & here we go! Everything blows up in Spencer’s face, “Q” looses playing eligibility in all potential colleges,  the Anderson brothers are highly concerned about their $250 million dollar investment, Joe is pissed off at Spencer & to make matters worse… Spencer looses his favorite girl, Jayda (Joy Bryant).  My dear Spencer, when a woman throws an entire pie at your Cadillac in anger, chances are she’s not coming back. Too bad. I thought they’d make a lovely couple.  Moving right along through all the drama that IS Spencer,  he still wants to take down the corrupt NCAA. He feels as though that they are responsible for his brothers suicide many years ago and wants to take down these giants, “brick by brick.”  Yikes!

Well, Charles Greene (Omar Benson Miller) is earning his money this week. He is now in charge of the damage control unit after Ricky Jerrets  (John David Washington) highly flammable tweet. Anyway, Ricky was merely venting and the tweet was misconstrued for it said,  “F**k the Whites,” he was merely taking aim at his neighbors & not at the race of people.  Therefore,  as a result Charles Greene has been ordered by the higher ups to cut Ricky ASAP.  However, Charles has an eye opening conversation with Ricky & decidedly feels as though the Rams  should be a more progressive team. He throws the idea at the boss that  Ricky shall be the spokesman for a social justice campaign that will be backed by the team.  Great idea! Sadly Ricky has a detrimental secret that he’s keeping from his family & Charles. He is being a naughty boy, he’s dabbling in performance enhancers which can ruin his career if tested positive.

Saving the best for last…the dynamic duo Fat Reggie (London Brown) and Joe (Rob Corddry)  are busy &  hard at play trying to rebrand Sports X. They put their minds together and came up with a brilliant tactic to corral a mischievous bunch of skaters, “Illegal Civilization.” After last weeks disater and pukefilled meeting, Joe convinced Yanni to give them another shot. Yanni is feeling lukewarm on the idea because he feels theses guys aren’t marketable. No Razzle. No Dazzle. However,  Yanni then agrees on one more shot. So Joe and Fat Reggie bring out the big guns , Vernon (Donovan Carter) & Sizzle  (Terell Suggs). Let me begin by saying  that this daunting group of bad asses gets business done! And O-M-G, I am loving them! Anyway, they put together a crew to produce a trailer for their skateboarding division, this is a huge win for the guys at Sports X. Yanni and the other executives are digging the concept and are ready to proceed further.  Big pay day for Reggie & Joe!  Caching!!! 

Its very hard to believe that this season is almost over. So, to catch a sneak peak of the season finale, click the link below


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