Bull (S03E02) “Jury Duty”

“This is for Ella” and a man is shot. Richard Briggs. (David Neal Levin) The gun is 1/2  emptied, by Heather Spiro, (Cara Seymour)  point blank, in a public place.  

Richard had raped & killed her daughter.  But he was tried and released on a technicality.  He was Ella’s piano teacher. She was 11 years old 

Meanwhile, Bull is called to jury duty and business is slow.  The phones aren’t ringing.  He visits, Heather Spiro. It’s a business move.  Her case will bring inquiries and may be much needed revenue.

And so Jason Bull, tries to get  out of his civic duty, by 1st being 20 minutes late.   During Voir Dire; he claims a legal obligation to Heather,  the shooter and his client.  

However, Judge  Hudson (Mercedes Ruehl) declares  a trial scientist is not crucial to any defense. Welcome to jury duty, “VIP” juror #4, Jason Bull.

Back at T A G;  EED, Extreme Emotional Disturbance by reason of… Bull suggests as a door opener. He knows it won’t fly.  It didn’t.  So the next by reason of  is, “In Defense of Others ” The daughter, Penny (Gus Spiro) must testify.

Ironically, Bull’s jury duty case is about  mortician Kendrick Gorman, being tried for impersonating a lawyer. He did his own closing arguments as slyly suggested by Bull! 

I must say, I liked the law Impersonating case, so much bether than the point blank killer. There seemed to be a genuine concern for “his clients” and respect for the law.  He’ll make a great lawye and he  won!  The verdict was “Not Guilty” I didn’t care, he was a fraud. Neither did the jury, apparently

On the other hand, Heather appeared to be  entitled, privileged and  genuinely upset that Bull was called elsewhere. He wasn’t physically present to hold her hand at times.  This didn’t sit well with her, although she’s Pro Bono . A little gratitude would fit nicely. It was hard to feel compassion, through her loss. Maybe she should have worked with Chunk 

In addition, there was no remorse for killing another human being. She did a bad thing; should she be punished?  Indeed it’s a sensitive matter. Murder. 

Never the less. It was a good episode. I always like the ones with a clear plot and simple language. 

And Mrs McCrory (Jill Hennessey) arrives for the recently deceased Cable’s things. Her daughter.  Her episodes and duration is unknown. Yet she’s so demure and pretty, maybe she’ll get to stay around for a while. I’d like that. 

 Bull airs this season on Monday Nights; 10:00 p/Pacific Time on CBS