Maniac (S01E06) “Larger Structural Issues”

The subjects are back from their excursion from pill “B” trial. Maniac has this way of twisting the ordinary and making it into something extraordinary. There is a dynamic world hidden beneath the madness, and with each passing episode, we get to see, more into what makes these characters tick.

The people in the trial aren’t the only ones who struggle with mental instability. It seems to be a resounding factor for everyone involved in the project, patient or otherwise. It confirms that even though people are so different from each other, there are some things that humanize even the sanest of minds.

maniacs01e062 1024x682 - Maniac (S01E06) "Larger Structural Issues"
Owen and Emma. The connection is real. (Photo: Netflix)
It isn’t just coincidence.

What happened to Annie (Emma Stone) and Owen (Jonah Hill), wasn’t just a simple complication, it goes much deeper than that. The thread in which they hold on to is close to breaking, espeically when Owen’s own experiences are explained away by his diagnosis. For once it isn’t all in his head, but will he be able to see it before its too late?

The super computer has feelings, it was supposed to help anticipate the subjects feelings before they went beyond the brink of no return. It has helped to rectify some catastrophic events, but she has evolved, more than just a machine. The grief she is experiencing from the significant loss of Dr. Muramoto (Rome Kanda), will endager everything they’ve worked so hard for.

It’s time to call in Jame’s (Justin Theroux) mother, Dr. Greta Mantleray, who also seems to be the cause of his own mental instability. The apple doesn’t seem to fall far from the tree in this case. Even though there is tension between mother and son, she is their last resort. G.R.T.A needs a particular set of skills, which his mother seems to obnoxiously possess.

maniacs01e061 1024x682 - Maniac (S01E06) "Larger Structural Issues"
The answer to all their problems? We will soon find out. (Photo: Netflix)

Who happens to play this brilliant and (hopefully) helpful mind? Why none other than Sally Field herself. All it takes is a simple apology from her son to get her into the game, to do what she does best. It’s no coincidence that her and G.R.T.A have a lot in common. The supercomputer is based on Jame’s mother, after all. The ultimate form of flattery, or just really creepy?

Owen is caught in conflict with himself. Stay and see the trial through, or go and defend his guilty brother, releasing another lie into the world. Things are never simple. With the threat to Annie’s life, he has no choice but to say, and see trial “C” through. The worries are present, but there is no going back now.

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