Mayans MC (S01E04) “Murcièlago/Zotz”

Episode four brought a few secrets to light, which will cause problems for the characters who kept those secrets. We were introduced to some new, not so nice characters (who like to shoot people of the Latin persuasion and take their Oxy). Also, in one of my favorite scenes, our favorite Prospect EZ ( JD Pardo) is willing to go back to jail for his love and loyalty.

Let me start with Emily (Sarah Bolger), who proves how smart she really is.  She brings an idea about how to beat the rebels at their own game to Miguel (Danny Pino) and it’s a good one. She not only had the idea of how, but also the when and where.  Emily did not allow anyone to dismiss her because she is a woman or because she has stayed in the “Don’t ask questions” position for so long. I love this character! She has strength, grace and is much more than just a mother and Cartel wife.

EZ continues to impress me week after week with his actions to protect the people he loves. He could easily do what Jimenez (Maurice Compte)  wants and try to flip Emily and  take down the Cartel. Instead, he tells Jimenez that he will never do anything to put her in harms way. Even if his refusal could land him back in jail. The more that we see of EZ’s character, the more I like him.

I knew that Felipe (Edward J Olmos) had a past that made him more than able to hold his own, but not a complete change of identity. This information was used  as a threat by Jimenez (who threw up on the side of the road after that confrontation), but we don’t yet know exactly how bad his past really is. Will it be prison bad, your family will never speak to you again bad or both?

Now let’s talk about Coco ( Richard Cabral). I thought that his finding out about his “sister” doing adult movies was bad, but now we find out that she is actually his daughter. When he was facing five years of jail time he wanted her to be adopted by a good family. Normally being raised by your grandmother would be a good thing, but in this case, not so much. Coco’s mother is no prize. She just announced (in a parking lot no less) that Letecia (Emily’s Tosta) is Coco’s daughter, not his niece. Not surprisingly, she didn’t react well to the news.

Mayans MC airs Tuesday nights on FX at 9pm Central.