Bull (S0301) “The Ground Beneath Their Feet”

Bull is back and it’s the new season’s opener.

Maroon 5 is blasting and a family is bumping to the music; singing along and happy.

Yet the music stops when cars drive off an a roadway into the drink. The “Maroon 5” family of 5 is one of them. 2 adults, 3 children. 

Elsewhere, Marissa wakes up from what looks like a wonder filled sleep…and her ex-ex  Greg  (Dave Furr) is  showering.  “Good Morning,   Mrs Valerian” Didn’t see that coming.  Congratulations, Mrs Valerian!

Meanwhile back at the ranch, Bull is ready to return to TAC. He’s back after a 3 month recovery; post heart attack, Myocardial infarction and a 30-60 pounds of body fat loss. Looking Good!  

And then there is Julia Summerfield, (Caitlin Mehner) who gets a call of “no” from EquiSafe Insurance.  She has a hole in her liver, through no fault of her own; But  it’s  still no to a liver transplant.  

Summerfield files suit. Marissa shares the case data for…EquiSafe! Uh?! Their client.

This season looks nasty…and fun, in only a TAC kinda way 

Marshall Hitchcock (Matt Servino) is CEO of Equisafe.. He offers a retainer of $2M a month to TAC.  Bull accepts!  It’s what TAC needs to stay afloat. .. per month! Bull secures the retainer. Oh. and Cable is missing.

Mrs. Summerfield is terminal. 16 weeks left without the transplant; 36-42 months with. And so, Mrs. Summerfield’s case became a matter of time and money.

With a cost of $400k-$500k, for less than 5 years; well I’m not saying I support EquiSafe’s denial of benefits…but I understand!  

And it’s been days.  A “missing person” is filed. Where is Cable?!   I think at this point, we all know. I99 bridge collapsed earlier in the week. Dani starts to cry.

Later we’re told, Cable is found under 30 feet of water. Never saw that coming!  

Bull is so shaken, with Cable’s loss he gives the retainer of $2M, away to the plaintiff, who lost by the way.

This new season of Bull may prove to be the best. It’s already easier to follow and the roles of the players are crystal.

A change in the  over all dispositions, beliefs, values and attitudes are expected; after a life threatening illness, white light or not. It appears that’s happening, especially with Bull.  We’ll wait and see. I’m willing.

Bull airs on Monday Nights this time, 10p/Pacific on CBS