Chicken Girls (S03E05) “Mamma Mia!”

This episode, with title, appears to capitalize on the hit movie, with the same name, different spelling. It wasn’t; they didn’t.  

It’s  about one mama,  calling in a  favor from another mama.  It’s Robin (Holly Gagnier) as Mama Robby , calling in a 37 year old favor from Mama Brooke:  (Brooke Burke) formerly known as Mama Ellie.  

 Robby (Matthew Sato) needs a place to  stay, beyond the casual sitter, while mommy goes on tour. She calls in a favor.

So Robby’s in the guest room til further notice. “How’ya neighbor?!” Ellie’Brooke ain’t happy about it and seems to be in melt down the entire 12 minutes;  especially since the stand offish B’s are all over him!  

Off topic:  Don’t you want to know the deets on that favor, called in after 37 years ?!

Elsewhere on campus;  the  boys, Ace & Flash, develop an app “Sup” (what’s up,  for the dinosaurs). It’s a money maker, yet it’s disallowed on campus. It drives faculty cray!  “Sup” everywhere.  Glad the young entrepreneurs weren’t discouraged nor suspended.

 At the lockers, Hamilton attempts to make study plans with Rooney, unsuccessfully.  She’s…busy elsewhere. Maybe he should find Quinn for a sammich.  He knows be wants too!

But the coolest part of the day was Spike (Sean Cavaliere) writing a note to get Birdie out of class. We both were surprised!  Clever 

I don’t know where they went before returning to the back side of the bleechers, but hope it was worth the ditch. Oh. and  then he kissed her, soft and easy. We both were surprised!  Sweet

Another fun episode and worth the 12 minutes. It’s school days and change is the subject.

We continue to see exploration, evolution and mad growth, on another level; a greater level.  

We see the beginnings and what it’s like to take a chance on new friends, new ideas and new attitudes. It’s taking a chance on love, for the 1st time and…again 

Chicken Girls airs new episodes on Tuesdays, 3p/Pacific 6p /Eastern on YouTube and Brat channel