Wynonna Earp (S03E11) “Daddy Lessons”

Previously on Wynonna Earp

Wynonna Earp (Melanie Scrofano) gave Peacemaker to Bulshar (Jean Marchand). Kevin (Anna Silk) revealed Waverly (Dominique Provost-Chalkley) as the champion. Blood eclipse and Bulshar’s end game draws near. Mercedes (Dani Kind) was kidnapped. Charlie (Sebastian Pigott) rescued Doc (Tim Rozon) but Doc ate Charlie. And the Earp sisters have a moment while their fate hangs on the decision to sacrifice Waverly, which is a huge no-go for Wynonna.

Waverly’s Angel Ring Continues to Perform Miracles
Waverly and Nicole in the morgue - Wynonna Earp (S03E11) "Daddy Lessons"
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The blood moon is here. Waverly and Nicole (Katherine Barrell) discuss Charlie’s body and how they can barely see the Doc’s bite marks. They discuss how and when they should possibly tell Wynonna that Doc at her recently dumped boyfriend. Before they can make a decision, Nedley (Greg Lawson) calls in to Nicole to help him evacuate Purgatory. Waverly needs to think anyways. Clearly, she hasn’t told Nicole yet about how she must sacrifice herself in order to defeat Bulshar, or Nicole definitely wouldn’t be leaving her side right now.

Wynonna on the Homestead porch - Wynonna Earp (S03E11) "Daddy Lessons"
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Waverly touches Charlie with her angel ring hand and he resurrects. Waverly freaks and runs off, leaving behind a confused Charlie. Meanwhile Wynonna sits on her front porch, apologizes to Dolls’ spirit for her failure, as she looks at the group photo he gave her. In town, Nicole and Robin (Justin Kelly) walk down Main Street to assist with the evacuation. Nicole and Nedley deputized Robin with an emergency safety vest.

Wynonna pulls up in her beat up truck. Nicole nicely asks Robin to leave so she can hold a family meeting with her and Wynonna. Wynonna asks about Waverly’s whereabouts, but Nicole thought she was at the Sheriff’s department but Wynonna already checked. She asks if Waverly told Nicole about Kevin, which she didn’t, and Wynonna takes off, muttering that she didn’t think Waverly wouldn’t actually do it, which only confuses and worries Nicole even more. She shouts at Wynonna for answers but she speeds away. Typical WynHaught shenanigans.

Whipped WayHaught and Earp F-Bombs

At Shorty’s, two Purgatory citizens wander in, looking for their dog, and loot Doc’s bar. He’s behind the corner and when he steps out of the shadows, he’s got major scary Dracula vibes. Amongst the murder trees, Wynonna finds Waverly at the stairs; however, Wynonna can’t actually see the stairs. Only Waverly can. Wynonna’s pissed because Waverly promised. But Waverly resurrected Charlie from the dead this morning with her angel ring and realizes she’s here to save humanity from Bulshar’s evil plan. However, Wynonna won’t lose Waverly so she knocks her unconscious with her fist like Earp sisters do and locks her in the box at the back of her truck.

Wynonna and Nicole discuss Waverly sitting - Wynonna Earp (S03E11) "Daddy Lessons"
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Wynonna drives back into town to inform Nicole about Waverly’s fate. Wynonna needs Nicole to drive Waverly out of the Ghost River Triangle until this blood moon eclipse is over. Unfortunately, Nicole has responsibilities, such as being a sheriff in an apocalyptic town. Also, she’s whipped. Whatever Waverly wants, Nicole is willing to do, which apparently includes getting a blazing phoenix tattoo on her butt if that’s what Waverly truly wanted. Suddenly, Charlie appears, which shocks Nicole because he was dead. Thankfully, he’s down to help Waverly and get her out of the Ghost River Triangle for her safety. Hilariously, Wynonna requests Charlie to apologize to Waverly on her behalf when she comes to and when Charlie asks for what, Wynonna opens up her truck box to reveal an angry Waverly, who drops a muffled F-bomb. This two episode finale is going to be so great.

Side Effects of Angel Blood: Insatiable Thirst
Bobo in his cage with Revenants - Wynonna Earp (S03E11) "Daddy Lessons"
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Kate (Chantel Riley) visits Doc at Shorty’s. Doc tries to reconcile with Kate, but she knows Doc is in love with Wynonna. Doc brings out those two Purgatory citizens from earlier. He learned to glamour them and offers them up as a treat to himself and Kate. Meanwhile, Revenants raid the BBD offices and poke fun at Bobo trapped in his glass cage. Unfortunately, they refuse to let him out even after he reveals Wynonna no longer has Peacemaker.

Charlie escorts Waverly to his fire car. Waverly comments that he looks like a Boy Scout and he’ll need to use that knowledge to tie her up because if not, she’s going to head to the garden if absolutely necessary. Back on Main Street, the Revenants circle Wynonna while she packs up her truck. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have Peacemaker and the gun in her hand has no ammo. They capture her and prepare her for Bulshar to offer her as fealty. It’s loads of creepiness as they curl her hair and stick her in a dead wife’s dress.

Doc and Kate in the shadows - Wynonna Earp (S03E11) "Daddy Lessons"
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Meanwhile, Charlie takes Waverly to the Gibson greenhouse by following the fog. Charlie gets weird when he sees the angel statue, but offers no explanation. In Shorty’s basement, Kate and Doc devoured their human toys. But Doc is seemingly insatiable and still hungry, which Kate hardly understands. Doc is dead set on finding Charlie, which is terrifying, but Kate chooses to help, if a little bit unwilling.

WayHaught Brag: Waverly Confirms Nicole’s really great…at being Good
Waverly raves about Nicole - Wynonna Earp (S03E11) "Daddy Lessons"
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At the Gibson greenhouse, Charlie ties Wavelry to the bench. She apologizes for her sister and her dumping him, but Charie doesn’t want to talk about that. Charlie distracts her by getting her to talk about Nicole Haught. It’s really adorable as Wavery raves and raves about how amazing Nicole is. She proceeds to ask Charlie about his family, but he doesn’t remember much. All he recalls is walking into Purgatory and doctors believed he may have suffered from a head injury. Waverly reaches out and puts her angel ring hand over his to offer comfort, but instead, they see a flashback to Charlie’s arrival to Purgatory and enrollment to the fire station with the Fire Chief (Gerrick Winston).

At the fire station, Doc confronts the same Fire Chief. Doc holds the Fire Chief at gun point with Kate’s help, requesting for Charlie’s whereabouts. The Fire Chief shows him how to access Charlie’s fire truck location via his phone and then Doc shoots through him and into Kate. Doc is desperate for Charlie’s blood.

Welcome to Bulshar’s Dinner Party
Bulshar claps at Wynonnas entrance - Wynonna Earp (S03E11) "Daddy Lessons"
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In Bulshar’s lair, the Revenants offer up Wynonna Earp to secure their fealty. Bulshar claps and Mercedes welcomes her. After the commercial break, Wynonna questions why Mercedes is here. Apparently, she signed up to be one of those fake wives so she can survive the apocalyptic doom. She makes a really awesome metaphor about holding Leo DiCaprio’s under water while you float on the door to survive the Titanic. Honestly, I whole-heartedly approve that Titanic ending—survival of the fittest. Anyways, Mercedes advises Wynonna to start thinking about simply surviving this—for herself, for her sister Waverly, and for her daughter Alice. Also, Mercedes admits to kind of loving Wynonna and after all Doc’s choices this season, she’s currently the best love interest at this point.

Charlie is freaking out and Waverly offers to touch him again to help him recall more memories. But apparently this is his limit. Not fighting bee keeper zombies or dealing with your date’s 130-something year old vampire cowboy ex. He panics about the fog and the suddenly blossoming flowers that weren’t there before. He panics about recognizing this greenhouse. But before they can escape, a car pulls up outside. Nicole tries to reach out to the Fire Chief, but he’s severely wounded. Kate crawls over to his body to message Nicole back for help.

Mercedes excited at Bulshars dinner - Wynonna Earp (S03E11) "Daddy Lessons"
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Bulshar accepts the fealty from his new followers and offers up a new position: 1st Lieutenant. They will go with him to the stairs. Revenant Rolf (Ryan Luhning) immediately volunteers, but Wynonna steps in and offers to join Bulshar. She wants to keep her family safe and keep Waverly from being the chosen one. She doesn’t care if that means helping Bulshar. However, when Wynonna kneels on the ground and reaches out to Bulshar, he yells to lock her away before she can touch him.

Charlie’s Charm: FullY Angelic

Back at the Gibson greenhouse, Waverly and Charlie hide under a table. Charlie refuses to think about why the greenhouse seems familiar and Waverly forcefully touches him to flash back to him and Mama Earp in the greenhouse. Charlie is Julian! He’s Waverly’s dad, Mama Earp’s lover, and apparently Wynonna’s lover as well. So that’s messy but Charlie is Julian! Before we can really take this all in, Doc bursts through the door, searching for Charlie because Doc drank his angel blood and it’s driven him mad for more. Waverly crawls out to keep Doc away from killing Charlie again. But Doc is full on scary Dracula mode.

At Bulshar’s lair, Wynonna stands in a cage while secret-whispering to Mercedes. They realize Bulshar’s freak out may signal that Wynonna can’t touch him and now he has a weakness other than sacrificing Waverly. Revenant Jarvis (Suresh John) joins them but he realizes that the Earp’s and revenants were both cursed by Bulshar. In essence, they want they same thing—the curse to be broken. He unlocks Wynonna’s cage so she can escape at the right time. Meanwhile, Mercedes prepares to distract Revenant Rolf. In awesome Wynonna Earp action, she rips off her sleeves and prepares for a showdown.

Here’s to the Doc we Really Did Love…
Kates tarot cards - Wynonna Earp (S03E11) "Daddy Lessons"
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Returning to the Gibson Greenhouse, Doc darkly chuckles at the cruel twist of fate: his best friend’s great-great-great granddaughter was sleeping her baby sister’s father. And really, when you put it that way, yeah the universe seems like one big joke. Waverly tries to convince Doc that Wynonna loves him and he loves her, but with the angel blood in his veins, he can only feel hunger. Meanwhile, Nicole patches up Kate from her gunshot wound. Kate continues to read her tarot cards over and over again, but it only shows death. She informs Nicole about her worries of Doc’s recently acquired insatiable hunger. You can see it click in Nicole’s head when she theorizes it might possibly be something inhuman and the vision of a very much alive Charlie walking around.

Doc pushes Waverly around at the greenhouse as she tries to hold him back. He’s being driven mad, searching for the angel blood. Enough so, Waverly pounds her fist, looking for some semblance of his former self, but finding nothing as he shoves her to the ground. Charlie reaches out and once the impossible ring to remove, he slides it off with ease and puts it on. He defends Waverly and throws Doc into the angel statue. Charlie/Julian reveals his angelic nature and wings to Waverly in this grand moment. He suddenly starts speaking like he’s the Bible, talking about how “he wandered adrift,” “his daughter crosseth,” and “there is no time for petty humanity even less for the doings of beasts.” He reaches out to Waverly with a “Come, child.”

Julians angel wings - Wynonna Earp (S03E11) "Daddy Lessons"
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Waverly is a grown adult and still half human so she’s going to ignore that outstretched hand to apologize to Doc. He may have become a monster this season and made a lot of poor choices, but that doesn’t change the fact that they all did love the man he was. I think that’s the man Waverly is apologizing to. Also, this freaking score in this scene is amazing. It really portrays how powerful and momentous this scene truly is. Back at the Gardner House, Kate continues to flip over her tarot cards while Nicole administers first aid. But this time, the last card resembles hope rather than death.

It’s Not an Earp Revolution Without a Revenant Mutiny

At Bulshar’s lair, Revenant Rolf discovers an escaped Wynonna. Wynonna tries to convince him to join her side but he refuses. Fortunately, another revenant knocks him out because they do see the importance in teaming up with the Earp Heir to destroy Bulshar. Bulshar appears during the rising mutiny and threatens to destroy Wynonna’s family. Before she can touch Bulshar, he disappears. He may be gone, but as Wynonna stands on the table amongst her former enemies—the Revenants—she encourages them to join her and rise against Bulshar, who is their shared enemy and the sole reason behind their shared Curse. It’s wild that it’s taken them this many Heirs to fully realize that both parties are cursed. They’ve all been in the same boat since Day 1 of this Curse.

Wynonna stands against Bulshar - Wynonna Earp (S03E11) "Daddy Lessons"
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At the greenhouse, Doc wakes up, taking in his surroundings. He discovers a sword amongst the broken pieces of the angel statue. At the BBD offices, Robin works on a crossword puzzle, chatting it up with Bobo. At the same time, Jeremy (Varun Saranga) searches for a science solution for their apocalyptic predicament, but he’s frustrated. He needs more beakers so he leaves to go pick them up at his house. Robin follows but asks about leaving Bobo all by himself during this period of doom. But Jeremy, understandably, isn’t feeling sympathetic and decides to just to leave him alone again.

Down Main Street, Wynonna, Mercedes and their pack of Revenants stroll down to take on Bulshar. But Bulshar joins Bobo at the BBD offices and Bulshar has a job for him.

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