Mr. Mercedes(S02E07) “Fell On Black Days”

So with this episode we had quite a lot of tension and suspense but we should be used to that with Stephen King series’s and movies and such. This episode was really good and with only 3 episodes left things are going to get heated up even more.

So with this episode we saw Felix Babinaeu (Jack Huston) kinda being a little bit like Frankenstein with Brady’s (Harry Treadaway) brain which was weird but we all know that Brady was playing along with that stuff and trying to make Babinaeu grossed out. I find it really weird that Babinaeu went to such lengths just to try to get some kind of reaction from Brady. I mean is he really that desperate? Answer is yes he is, cause to him he was seen as a fool and ridiculous doctor who doesn’t know what hes doing in front of Chinese pharmaceutical company men.

I thought that it was really interesting that Babinaeu went to such lengths to even hire Lou (Breeda Wool) to get answers as to why Brady is not able to make a single sound but is making seismic brain activity. And wants Lou to take the computers apart to find out what is going on with Brady. Amazing that Lou is taking the job but I guess she is a little curious to find out if Brady really is still in there and is trying to fake things by only activating the computers. I just hope that Lou doesn’t have anything happen to her while doing this. I mean it would be horrible if Brady found a way to fully possess Lou and have her be his meat puppet for all eternity. But I think thats what he was trying to do with poor Al (Mike Starr). Lets hope Brady doesn’t turn his sights on Lou!

Now Al, poor Al, that guy never got a break in this episode. He was really wanting to know what was going on with him, why he was being accused of murder and burglary. And his poor brother Reggie (Scott Anderson) had to explain all of it to him. And then wanted Reggie was only trying to be the good big brother and take Al to go fishing and to the old cabin. But Brady had new ideas, to take possession of Al once again and kill Reggie; and in a way I’m kinda glad that Al died that way he doesn’t have to worry about finding out about Reggie you know. Cause I feel like if Al would’ve survived, he would’ve killed himself due to what he did to Reggie you know.

This episode was good, and now that Brady knows that Holly (Justine Lupe) is living with Bill (Brendan Gleeson) it makes you wonder what is he going to plan next. Will he go after Holly and Bill even more? Or will he have something even more sinister up his sleeve? It’s hard to say really because Brady is literally a new kind of psychopath because everything he does is mysterious. It makes you wonder if he really does have a plan or if everything is going as it goes.

Thank God for Ida (Holland Taylor) used the car alarm to distract Possessed Al because otherwise Bill would’ve died, but Bill gave off the final shots that killed Al and did something to Brady’s mind possibly we will find out next week!

Next Episode: Mr. Mercedes(S02E08) “Nobody Puts Brady in a Crestmore” airs Wednesday October 10, 2018 at 10/9c on Audience TV