The Good Place (S03E01/02) “Chapter 27-28: Everything is Bonzer!” Season Premiere

NUP 182706 0332 FULL 300x200 - The Good Place (S03E01/02) "Chapter 27-28: Everything is Bonzer!" Season Premiere

The season premiere of The Good Place is  trying to get the band back together, but there’s consequences.

“Everything is Bonzer!” is a fantastic season opener that added more to what was in the season 2 finale. After Michael snaps his finger, he goes down to Earth to save Eleanor, Chidi, Tahani and Jason from their deaths. He’s thinking that it could make them better people. But when things are going to plan, Michael heads down there (multiple times) to help give that push that they really need and get them back together.

After advising Eleanor at the bar, she meets with Chidi and asked him for help. He agrees and tells her why he’s helping her with the story of his near death experience. Later after a couple of days of learning, Eleanor meets with Chidi’s friend Simone, who he has a crush and helpful to find out data on his decision making process with her MRI machine.

A few months later, Tahani comes along and joins the group and tells her story of how someone saved her and she decided to live in a monk type life style. That all ended when she gets an idea to write a book to share her wisdom. But when it’s not doing well with her, she meets with a Michael like person, who advises her about yes to when someone asked for help. That turned out to be being in a study with Chidi and Eleanor.

With Eleanor, Chidi and Tahani back together, there’s just one more to go, Jason. Michael bumps into Jason, who’s throwing rocks and tells him about his tough year. After being saved, he starts a dance group but couldn’t win because of too many people or too violent.

Michael feels great about how they are all together, but as things move forward there’s something that doesn’t seem to be right, something dark. There’s someone else that joins the group, Trevor. Yes, that Trevor! He was sent down when Shawn learned how Michael was helping the humans.

This episode was another amazing comedy piece that sets a new adventure and tone for the show. With the Eleanor and the gang back to Earth and learning how to be better people, thanks to Michael. The way he’s worked this is like Big Brother in a way. Simone is another brilliant additional character with the group and for Chidi. The cast puts on a fantastic performance, but I thought that William Jackson Harper and Manny Jacinto stole the episode with such strong character development. And Jason seemed to be more down to Earth than the rest of the past two seasons.

Overall, I give this episode a 9.5/10

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You can catch The Good Place on it’s new time Thursdays at 8:30/7:30c on NBC.