Wynonna Earp (S03E12) “War Paint”

Previously on Wynonna Earp

Waverly (Dominique Provost-Chalkley) resurrected Charlie (Sebastian Pigott), who is actually Julian. Yes, the Julian who is a full-blooded angel and Waverly’s father. Wynonna Earp (Melanie Scrofano) offers to serve Bulshar (Jean Marchand) as his 1st Lieutenant in order to save her family but he refuses. So instead, she teams up with Mercedes and the revenants to stage an uprising against Bulshar, the man behind the curse. And finally, Bulshar pays a visit to Bobo (Michael Eklund) in glass cage to offer him a job.

Wynonna shakes hands with the Revenants - Wynonna Earp (S03E12) "War Paint"
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Wynonna monologues about how she loved hunting and killing the Revenants. It made her more than just some girl, but she’s willing to go back to being just some girl if that means they can defeat Bulshar. Honestly, no matter if Wynonna is hunting Revenants or not, she was never just some girl. Dolls said it in Season 1 and I’m saying it now. In a show of faith, she buries Bobo’s talisman to allow the Revenants on to Earp land.

Meanwhile at the stairs, Bulshar offers up Peacemaker and it transforms into a sword that he inserts into the stairwell. A zombie bee keeper attempts to enter the Garden on behalf of Bulshar, but his helmet rolls down the stairs. He wasn’t mortal or righteous, traits Bulshar is clearly lacking. He sends his zombie bee keepers to deal with the gang and orders Bobo to retrieve Wynonna and her blood. He’ll need it to ascend.

Julian with his wings - Wynonna Earp (S03E12) "War Paint"
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Waverly runs and joins Wynonna at the Homestead. A lot of has happened while they were separated and Waverly was supposedly being shuttled outside the Triangle. Wynonna gained an army of Revenants. And Waverly reveals Charlie as her father Julian the angel. Of course, Julian chooses to show off with wings which shocks Wynonna. At the BBD offices, Jeremy (Varun Saranga) panics as he tries to find a solution with Bulshar’s arm. He recites cute little mantras to pump himself up and Robin (Justin Kelly) helps to keep him calm. However, Jeremy’s groin spider-senses that Doc is in trouble, but unfortunately he needs to find an anti-venom to stop Bulshar.

In the barn, Wynonna tries to process the truth behind Charlie’s identity. Waverly reveals Doc’s continued descent as he killed Charlie, Waverly resurrected him, and Doc attempted to kill Charlie again. This is all too much for Wynonna and it’s an honest sh*tshow, but at the end of the day, Wynonna wants to find Doc—her Doc—and Waverly needs to find Nicole. The world is on the brink of end and it’s truly no better time than to spend it with loved ones. Also, yes Wynonna’s hair looks end-of-the-world great. It always does.

Nicole and Kate fight off bee keepers - Wynonna Earp (S03E12) "War Paint"
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At the Gardner House, Kate (Chantel Riley) continues to slowly heal, mainly from her gunshot wound but partially from a broken heart. I hope we get more Chantel Riley as Kate next season. I absolutely adored her and she’s been such a great addition to the cast. Nicole (Katherine Barrell) worries over Waverly’s current whereabouts while Kate tells her to never apologize for that WayHaught love. Kate flips her tarot cards to reveal the following: Waverly’s with Wynonna, Charlie is an angel, and she’s his kin. Unfortunately, Kate couldn’t predict zombie bee keepers ambushing them. Kate and Nicole shoot them down one by one, but one does get its fire poker-looking weapon deep into Nicole’s side.

Mercedes (Dani Kind) arrives in all her prink dress glamour, undisturbed by the dead bodies of zombie bee keepers. She finally meets Kate, her tenant while she was getting her face reconstructed. Nicole is legitimately bleeding out slowly and decides against immediate medical attention but rather to take a hike to the Earp Homestead. Most times, Nicole’s smart but this decision ranks right up there with throwing Bulshar’s ring in the snowy wilderness.

Back at the BBD offices, Jeremy has figured out a way to remain undetected from Bulshar’s zombie bee keepers but unfortunately it takes 4 months to synthesize. Before Jeremy can get too excited he may or may not be officially dating a cop, said bee keepers show up and surround them but seemingly don’t attack them.

Vacation Nedley Sheriff arrives - Wynonna Earp (S03E12) "War Paint"
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Thankfully, Vacation Sheriff Nedley (Greg Lawson) arrives, tells the boys to duck, and shoots down the bee keepers one by one. Meanwhile, somewhere on the edge of town, a mortally wounded Nicole tries to hike to the Homestead. It certainly wouldn’t be a Wynonna Earp season without Nicole’s life in mortal peril. She needs to continue to earn her place in the Unkillable Gay Squad. This is simply their annual dues. Unfortunately, she falls over and passes out on the side of the road.

Wynonna approaches Julian and he apologizes. He didn’t know until Waverly touched him with his ring. He reveals he’s never seen the Garden a.k.a. Paradise so he doesn’t know how accurate that word truly is. He never left his guard post until he met Wynonna’s mother. His angel partner, Juan Carlo, became a padre in order to give the flaming sword to Wyatt Earp so he could defeat Bulshar, but unfortunately Wyatt was in a bit of a rush. He did have a dying friend—Doc—back home he wanted to see. Before Wynonna can finish her request for Julian to do whatever it takes to defeat Bulshar without Waverly sacrificing herself, he notices Doc (Tim Rozon) carry a dying Nicole.

Wynonna and Julian notice Doc and Nicole - Wynonna Earp (S03E12) "War Paint"
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They carry her in the barn while Wynonna shouts at Doc to get Waverly, whose response earns him an F-bomb from Wynonna. This show is great as is, but I’m enjoying the 10 p.m. mature cable slot. It’s completely on brand for this show. Simultaneously, Waverly enters her bedroom, trying to call her girlfriend, who clearly can’t pick up before she’s currently dying in the barn several hundred feet away. However, she has a visitor—Bobo. When Provost-Chalkley and Eklund share a screen together, magic always happens. Bobo sees Waverly as his angel and while he can’t help Team Earp, even if he wanted to, as he coughs up Bulshar’s dirt, he has one last favor to ask from Waverly. When it’s time, he requests she sets him free.

Waverly and Bobo in her room - Wynonna Earp (S03E12) "War Paint"
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Back in the barn, Julian mentions he could fix this. But there’s no “could” in this for Wynonna. She knows Waverly would die if Nicole doesn’t survive and tells him as such. But like most things, it’ll come with a price. Julian hovers his hands over Nicole’s wound and magically heals her with his angel powers, but it does completely drain him. However, Nicole lives another day. Julian leaves to get Waverly but before he does, Doc returns his sword from the greenhouse. Julian informs Doc he wouldn’t have been able to touch the sword if his soul was compromised. So that’s interesting. While I haven’t been the biggest fan of Doc’s decisions this season, it seems his redemption arc may be on the way.

At the BBD offices, Sheriff Nedley scolds Robin for never seeing an episode of Ru Paul. Clearly, he’s missing out. But more importantly, Jeremy sits on the floor, ready to throw in the towel. However, Sheriff Nedley gives the best pep talk, which includes Mambo No. 5, and triggers Jeremy with a solution. He blends up Bulshar’s hand and Robin’s blood for Mambo No. 6.

Julian removes his angel ring and enters Waverly’s room to discover she’s not alone. Bobo greets him and reminds him Waverly became the person she is on her own, not with any angelic help from Julian. Not matter how often we see Bobo treated as the bad guy, I love his protectiveness of Waverly. Julian notes Bobo sold his soul and therefore Julian can’t save him now, but he offers to end it. Bobo declines and leaves. Julian informs Waverly that Nicole is okay, which immediately stresses out Waverly, but before she can run off to check on her girlfriend, he gives her his angel ring as he used all his power to save Nicole and Waverly will soon need the ring’s power.

Bulshar and his bee keepers ready for war - Wynonna Earp (S03E12) "War Paint"
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And in soon, he means now as Bulshar and his zombie bee keepers arrive. There’s a grenade warning shot and a shield of bee keepers step onto Earp land. It’s quiet and still. But then the bee keepers unload with a machine gun and all hell breaks loose. Revenant Hui runs out in the open to give Wynonna enough time to run back into the house for some real guns, joined by Waverly and Julian. Doc runs to the barn to check on the formerly wounded Nicole, who wants nothing to do with Doc since he did kill Charlie, but now is not the time and he swears he won’t harm her. Instead, Doc and Nicole shoot the zombie bee keepers as they enter the barn while Wynonna, Waverly and Julian protect Earp land from the Homestead.

Unfortunately, zombie bee keepers take the back way into the Homestead and when Wynonna attempts to halt them, Bobo nabs her and drags her to wood pile. They force her to kneel at the stump like they’re about to cut her head off like a pagan sacrifice. Waverly notices she’s missing and starts to panic. Bulshar grabs his axe and slices Wynonna’s hand but only to retrieve her blood. Instead, a zombie bee keeper shows up with a chainsaw to finish the head cutting job. Thankfully Julian arrives in the nick of time with his sword. But his power is drained and Bobo telekinetically steals his sword. Bulshar waves his hand and forces Julian to his knees as Bobo drives the sword through his back.

Waverly kills Bobo - Wynonna Earp (S03E12) "War Paint"
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Waverly shouts for her father from the window, Bobo sends her the signal, and she shoots down a bee keeper so she can join the fight outside. As Bobo moves to kill Wynonna, Doc stops him with and kills the the remaining bee keepers with a few well-placed bullets. But Waverly storms out and with the angel ring on her finger, she grabs his face and sets him “free.” Waverly is right; Bobo could’ve been better than this and he once was. He is the guy who rode with Wyatt to Purgatory and eventually sacrificed himself so Wyatt could shoot down and entomb Sheriff Clootie. He mutters a quick thank you before falling to the ground.

Bulshar throws in the towel of Wynonna’s blood into the skull fire. Wynonna with her small army of Revenants join him as she threatens to end him and this Curse. But he’s ended his own Curse and Wynonna turns to see the Revenants are gone. As Wynonna dives for Bulshar, he’s gone too. Wynonna lays on the snowy ground, similar to how she laid on the dirt ground in the Pilot episode when she turned 27 and became the Earp Heir. However this time, she’s no longer the Earp Heir because Bulshar broke the Earp Curse.

Jeremy Robin and Waverly over Julians body - Wynonna Earp (S03E12) "War Paint"
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Jeremy and Robin arrives at the Homestead. Waverly, outside, tries to resurrect Julian again, but this time it won’t work. Robin peers forlornly at Bobo’s uniform, realizing his jazz buddy is gone. Unfortunately, Jeremy and Robin have been a bit out of the loop with all the chaos at the Homestead, but they arrive with a solution to give them a fighting chance against Bulshar. In the barn, Wynonna and Doc finally talk and she reveals the Earp Curse is broken. Alice is free from the Curse.

However, Wynonna informs Doc that Bulshar needed her blood to become mortal so he could enter into the Garden. Doc admits he’s made some terrible choices, but he’ll fight by her side until the very end. It appears we may get a WynDoc reconciliation but nope, Wynonna kisses him long enough to distract him while she handcuffs him to a ladder and surrounds him with a rope soaked in holy water. Unfortunately, she doesn’t trust him.

Meanwhile, on the Homestead front porch, Waverly joins Nicole and her baby carrot snack time. They lean into each other and because Waverly’s character development continues to be astounding, we see the girl, who’s watched the people she loves leave her, directly declare her love for Nicole Rayleigh Haught. She’s said it a couple times—to Wynonna at the Sheriff’s office and in the alternate reality. But never directly to Nicole and if it’s going to be the end of the world, it might be time to share that info with her girlfriend.

WayHaught proposal - Wynonna Earp (S03E12) "War Paint"
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Side note: I love the Wynonna Earp writers for giving Nicole the middle name Rayleigh. But also, her parents are cruel because I can only imagine the amount of times Nicole had random kids mock with her “Really Haught” jokes. I imagine that’s where Nicole’s patience for Wynonna’s ridiculous Haught pun nicknames stems.

Anyways, Waverly slides off Julian’s angel ring and places it on Nicole’s finger as she proposes to Nicole. Yes, the same ring that sucker punched a witch across the barn and refused to come off Waverly’s finger not even less than 12 hours ago. Before Nicole can confirm that’s a yes on the proposal, Wynonna does what she does best and interrupts. Inside the Homestead, Jeremy shows off his crypsis, which will allow them to sneak amongst the bee keepers undetected so they can get to Bulshar. Wynonna passes around shots as they try to figure out how they can kill Bulshar.

Unfortunately, Wynonna drugged them because she can’t lose them and now they can’t force their way into this deadly mission and possibly see her fail. Well, all except Waverly, who didn’t take the shot because she knew. But Wynonna didn’t drug Waverly’s because Earp sisters are ride or die. Wynonna, with Julian’s sword, and Waverly sneak through the forest.

Waverly holds the flaming sword - Wynonna Earp (S03E12) "War Paint"
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The Earp sisters confront Bulshar at the stairs, the same stairs Wynonna still can’t see at this point. Since Bulshar is now mortal, Wynonna can kill him like a normal human and so, she attacks with the sword but he still moves like the Snake he is, including a sharp hiss. As they battle, Waverly climbs up the stairs and pulls out the flaming sword. It appears before Julian died, he let Waverly in on a little secret. As an angel, she can choose the hero/heroine of the flaming sword and she chooses Wynonna Earp. She tosses it to her sister and suddenly, Wynonna can see the stairs while the sword engulfs in a blue flame.

She duels Bulshar with her new weapon. Meanwhile, Waverly attempts to descend the stairs but she can’t as their invisible wall stopping her from leaving the stairwell. As they said earlier, there’s always a price to pay. Bulshar and Wynonna fight as Bulshar falls to his knees, he offers Wynonna a chance to enter the Garden together and rule as one. But Wynonna refuses and sticks the flaming sword through his chest. Unfortunately, he’s a Snake and his neck stretches out to bite her with his venom. Bulshar disappears in sparks as Wynonna falls to the ground. Waverly continues to bang on the invisible walls, trying to escape and save her sister but it’s no use.

Thankfully, Doc arrives and it appears he may bite her but instead, he sucks and out the venom. As he does so, the door to the Garden opens and Waverly resigns herself to her fate as the vines curl and twist towards her. They wrap around her and slowly take her towards the door. Wynonna shouts at Waverly to fight, but Waverly is so tired and screams for Wynonna to come get her. She doesn’t want to be left along with that thing. But what is that thing? The Garden doesn’t exactly sound like Paradise. It’s beginning to sound more and more like Hell. Wynonna tries to run up the stairs but she can’t pass through the invisible wall.

Doc climbs the stairs to the Garden - Wynonna Earp (S03E12) "War Paint"
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As Waverly is tugged through the door, a shrill siren goes off and forces WynDoc to cover their ears. As Doc prepares to travel up the stairs, a melancholy version of Jill Andrews’ “Tell that Devil” starts and it’s breathtaking. Doc passes through the invisible wall, but how? As Wynonna points out, he’s not mortal but then again, he found a way out of the handcuffs and holy water-soaked rope ring. Did the angel blood affect him once the thirsty side effect wore off? Or was it Julian’s touch as he threw him backward in the greenhouse?

I’m assuming Wynonna can’t pass through because she yields the flaming sword and therefore is the new guardian of the stairs. Because of that, she can never enter the Garden as she’s tasked to protect it. Doc enters the door into the Garden as the final lyric sings out, “Told that devil to take you back.” Maybe that’s a hint that Paradise isn’t quite as pleasant as imagined.

Wynonna lays in the woods - Wynonna Earp (S03E12) "War Paint"
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Now in another shot very reminiscent from the pilot episode, Wynonna wakes up on the dirt ground in the middle of the woods. She takes Doc’s belt as she whispers goodbye. As much as I’ve been upset with Doc this season, I certainly hope that’s only a temporary bye. I love Tim Rozon and he’s done such a superb job with Doc this season. His performances have been astounding as we watch Doc slip and fall through doing the right thing for the wrong reasons and the wrong thing for the right reasons. Plus Doc needs to come back with Waverly.

Wynonna returns to the Homestead, shouting for Nicole, Jeremy and Robin. But they’re gone and scratched into the wood under the stairs is the name: Valdez. Hell yeah! If you’ve haven’t read any of the Wynonna Earp comics by the amazing Beau Smith, go read them now. Not only are they incredible but Valdez.

Valdez on the stairs - Wynonna Earp (S03E12) "War Paint"
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Anyways, Wynonna hits up Shorty’s and finds Vacation Sheriff Nedley. Apparently, everybody’s gone and they are the only two left. They cock their guns and Nedley finally gets to drop his own F-bomb as they saddle up to save their family, friends, and Purgatory. I am totally here for a Wynonna/Nedley team up next season.

I’m curious about the truth behind Paradise and how Wynonna/Nedley will try to get in. Honestly, it sounds like Paradise is a stopping place for Hell. Which makes me wonder if the Revenants will go there now that there Earp Curse is broken. I know there were rumors that Tamara Duarte’s Rosita may return in Season 4 so if the Revenants are gone, how will she return?

Overall, this season was great and truly a rollercoaster ride of emotions. It’s difficult to cover everything you would like when you only have 42 minutes an episode, but the writers were able to maintain solid momentum with the main storyline to defeat Bulshar and break the Earp Curse while continuing to develop its characters across the board. I’m hoping we get more Jeremy backstory next season especially with his super power groin and more Chantel Riley. Anyways, the writers, cast, and crew did a phenomenal job this season and see you in 2019 for Season 4.

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