Maniac (S01E07) “Ceci N’est Pas Une Drill”


The eclectic group of subjects in Maniac have now been overtaken by the third and final pill, “C”. Each experience gets more and more bizarre, but it’s so hard to look away from the inevitable decline. Does bringing insanity to the brink, really have a chance of saving these lost souls? I’m sure we will soon get these answers.

Down the rabbit hole they go.

Owen (Jonah Hill) is a gangster with too many “feelings”, he must prove to his father that he can be trusted. Instead, he is caught up in a game between his family and the ones who serve and protect. Playing both sides can be a dangerous game, especially with ruthless and unforgiving characters involved.

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Don’t mess with the “family”. (Photo: Netflix)

Meanwhile, Annie (Emma Stone) is in a fantasy world of her own. She is a half elf/ half human ranger, guiding her long deceased sister, Ellie (Julia Garner) (who happens to be elven royalty), on a perilous journey. If Annie ever stops long enough to relinquish her “spirits”, she may be able to get them to their destination in one piece. Just like any adventure, things can never go quite as planned.

The two worlds don’t collide, well not in the traditional sense. With two separate stories striving for one common goal, to defeat their inner, invisible demons. It is the only way for them to come out on the other side with their minds in one piece. If that’s even possible at this point. Letting go will sure to be their toughest challenge yet.

maniac s01e071 - Maniac (S01E07) “Ceci N'est Pas Une Drill"
Together, they can achieve anything. (Photo: Netflix)
Where are the Whys?

Dr. Greta Mantleray (Sally Field) is still in the system, helping to keep G.R.T.A. on track and the experiment from coming completely off the rails. What exactly is she doing in there? While James (Justin Theroux) frets over the possibility of failing, there is much more to be done. Everything is on the line, not just for the creators, but for the subjects.

We are left with more questions and not enough answers. The visual aspects of the show captivate the senses and take the viewer to another world. There is something therapeutic about getting lost in a fantasy world.

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